Weekly Round-up


spankingspanking spanking spanking spankingLast week we reported on the British Prime Minister’s personal crusade against adult material online. It had been assumed at that point that he would eventually unveil some coherent plans that would then go before Parliament. But it seems he has already brokered a deal with the industry or so he claims. What the actual proposals are is not yet clear as in an interview on BBC Radio 2 last week he could not define erotica, nor explain his scheme even though the industry (he claims) has agreed to it. Instead we were treated to a demonstration of the PM’s ignorance of the Internet while he struggled to explain a solution to a problem he could not even define.

David Cameron’s assault on liberty in the name of protecting some rose-tinted vision of yesteryear will no doubt fail in the form he envisions it; not least because quite simply it will not work. One of his madcap proposals is to filter out certain search terms (although he does not say which ones these are) but if they are anything like Yahoo’s it could include the words: straight, homosexual and other technical specific words found in the dictionary. See the flaw in the master plan here.

It is this last part of the plan that the ‘industry are refusing to cooperate with’ which Cameron puts down to… well he doesn’t say really, but one suspects that it is because it is effectively impossible.

When it was put to him by Jeremy Vine that any filter would only serve to block out lawful political discussion and education on the matter (including the text of Cameron’ own speech on the subject), the confused man could only mutter that there were bound to be problems. No shit Sherlock.

Elsewhere the battle lines have been quiet and Spankville seems to be carrying on much as normal. Indeed some previously subdued blogs seem to be recovering.

This week I would draw your attention to a nice little story on the still new blog Acknowledging Imperfection, which is an interesting little Sci-Fi body-swap fable.

Also Abby Sage tries to define This Thing That We Do or more especially wants to put a name to it by way of Plato’s Cave.

The pictures come from: Abby Sage’s Naked, About Spanking, All Things Spanking, Au Fils des Jour, and CutiePie.

6 Responses to “Weekly Round-up”

  1. 1 paul1510

    one of the words that describes our government, is incoherent! 😉

  2. 2 Kia

    I’ve been rather confused in trying to follow these developments- glad I’m not alone.

    Thanks again for the mention 🙂

  3. 3 Mike

    At least the late US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart was honest on this topic: “I can’t define ‘obscene’ but I know it when I see it.”

    • 4 cindy2

      I suspect some men would say that they can’t define “obscene” but they know it when they “feel” it..

      • 5 Mike

        In his book “The Brethren” Bob Woodward* described the behind-the-scenes at the Supreme Court when they were considering an obscenities case and held screenings of the films under discussion. It’s pretty damn funny.

        *I think perhaps the last worthwhile book Woodward ever wrote.

  4. 6 DJ

    I suspect this will run and run. 😦

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