Spankmanship (continued)


spankmanshipOur story began here.

Mary rearranged the flowers in the hall for the umpteenth time before she was satisfied. It was one of the more relaxing tasks she had to attend to that day. She had tried teaching Tatiana in the past, but the girl had neither eye nor a feel for it.

In any case Tatiana was still standing penance with a well-crafted root of ginger inserted where it would do the most good. Mary wondered idly whether that particular spice had got the maid’s attention more sharply than the 15 minute heavy paddling she had endured directly before corner time and her latest treat.

Judging from the girl’s tearful fuss, Mary guessed the spanking would burn more than the ginger for a while. But the housekeeper knew from bitter experience that after a few minutes the spice would begin to bite and Tatiana might even look fondly in the spanking she had received. Mary certainly hoped so. For she intended keeping the little nugget fresh until the Russian girl pleaded for another spanking instead.

Then Tatiana would vigorously get her wish until she asked nicely for another round of corner time with ginger. And around they would go again.

‘If only I had such a free hand with Sylvia,’ Mary thought hopefully, the spoiled brat would rue that day.

Mary might have rearranged the flowers yet again but there was a knock at the door.

The housekeeper was about to impatiently call the maid, but then she remembered the girl was still indisposed.

There was another wrap on the knocker; this time accompanied by the old bell that hung by a chain next the door.

“Coming,” Mary called out.

Then with one final run of her eye over the flowers in the vase she nodded in satisfaction and went to answer it.

Drake had had his hair freshly cut down to a rash at the back and sides, leaving a short salt and pepper stubble on top. This renewed severe look only served to emphasise his hard blue eyes that she found herself looking into. Mary’s heart skipped a beat and her tummy was assailed by girlish butterflies.

“Mr Drake… I-I wasn’t expecting you…” Mary twittered.

“So I gather,” he replied.

He didn’t wait for an invitation but strode into the hall and took it in with a sweeping glance as if seeing it anew.

“Have you come to deal with Tatiana? She has been a trial lately, but I do have matters in hand,” Mary said anxiously.

There were only two possible reasons for the Spankman’s visit and Mary liked neither of them. It was either a comment on her disciplinary skills or Gerald had decided to extend Drake’s attentions to his wife. Unaccountably this last reason filled Mary with jealousy.

“You have matters in hand do you?” Drake growled, “That is not what I have heard.”

Mary frowned, something was wrong.

“I have heard you have been reckless and overzealous in your treatment of the girl.” As Drake spoke his eyes swivelled to zero in on the housekeeper and fix her with a hard stare.

“I may have been strict but…”

“You left her unattended in the cellar,” Drake accused.

“I was with you,” Mary countered, letting her irritation show.

“Oh so you know what I’m talking about and you are making excuses now are you?” Drake bit back.

Mary opened her mouth to speak but closed it again. She knew better to argue and in any case he was right on all counts. She had indulged herself at Tatiana’s expense.

“No Sir.” Mary bit her lip, cowed.

“Where is the girl now?”

Mary let out a slow breath and pointed towards the dining room.

Drake indicated that Mary should lead the way and then followed her. They found girl where Mary had left her; facing the wall sporting two maroon bottom cheeks and crying gently as she struggled to contend with the intimately placed spice.

“Tatiana?” Drake began.

“Yes Sir,” Tatiana replied miserably not moving a muscle.

Inside she quailed, what more was she to suffer.

“Turn around.”

Tatiana turned about and stood up as straight as she could.


“Have you been fairly treated?” Drake asked.

Tatiana licked her lips and studied the floor for a moment.

“Yes Sir… I was… I thoroughly deserve to be punished… I was warned and I…”

“I don’t want to hear it frankly. What I want to know is, were you left alone in the cellar for any length of time during the past few days?”

Tatiana looked at Mary and moved her lips to speak. Telling tales seemed wrong somehow. Surely this was between Mary and her. But on the other hand she couldn’t lie and what was just was just. Others would decide. She nodded.

“Can I just say…?” Mary began.

“No,” Drake shot at her. “You can remove your skirt and under things and bend over that chair.”

Mary shot a glance at Tatiana.

“Do it,” Drake barked.

Mary blushed, but didn’t hesitate. A spanking in front of the maid would be embarrassing, but she couldn’t deny it wasn’t deserved.

“Mary did a good job on your bottom,” Drake observed to Tatiana while Mary stepped out of her knickers.

“Yes Sir,” Tatiana replied ruefully.

She squirmed a little and described a circle with her right thigh as she grimaced at the continued working of the ginger.

“Fetch the paddle she used,” he ordered her, “I take it, it was a paddle.”

Tatiana nodded and scurried across the room with her sore bare bottom jiggling behind. The paddle wasn’t far. She handed it to him.

“Were you finished with this?” Drake asked Mary.

Mary was peony as she stood in just her tight jumper and stocking tops with her hands cupped over her sex. She mouthed the word no.

“You were going to alternate the paddle and the ginger?” he guessed.

Again Mary nodded shamefaced.

“For how long?” he asked.

Mary shrugged.

Turn around and bend over the back of that chair.


“Oh this is just a beginning for you,” he cut her off, “But I suggest you do as you are told.”

Mary swallowed and obeyed him.

“Tatiana, you know how to prepare ginger?” he said to the maid.

“Yes Sir,” she replied in as neutral a voice as she could manage.

“Do so. As many plugs as you can with what is to hand,” Drake told her.

Tatiana licked her lips, and then after a brief contemplation of her mistress’s bare bottom displayed prominently over the back of the chair, she went to the kitchen to comply.


“Ughhh,” Mary grunted as the paddle blasted her bare bottom again.

A fat tear rolled down the side of her nose and splashed onto the floor and it took a moment to get her breath.

“Seven Sir,” she finally managed to say.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see that Sylvia had joined Tatiana to watch her ordeal.

“When you are charged with a girl’s discipline, her training if you will; then you have a duty of care do you not?” Drake scolded her sharply.

“Yes Sir,” Mary said miserably among the ragged breaths.

There was a dull whoosh that touched her ears just as the biting paddle landed again with a thwack.

“Uh,” she spluttered in a wet voice.

The pain sang in her behind and continued to build for a long moment.

“Eight Sir,” she wailed; her voice hard on the edge of true crying now.

Drake regarded the glorious shiny curves of Mary’s polished burgundy bottom and paused. No part of her skin there was left unstained and a slight leathery welt was forming where the red met the unspanked whiteness on her tail. The second eight would be harder for her, he knew.


As predicted the second eight were a trial and although Mary had managed to take her spanking without breaking, she felt thoroughly punished. The worst part was having the other two women watching her ordeal, especially Tatiana.

But finally and after many, many decades of purgatory the last eight bit home and she had announced it with triumph admixed with gratitude.

Tatiana had done the honours when the time came for the first dose of ginger. For a moment Mary could have sworn that the girl and inserted her entire fist. The hard knot of root felt cold at first and only a minor irritant as she was gratefully put in the corner to struggle with the unabating throb of the paddle. But after a few moments the growing burn in her fundament began to compete with the blisters and bruises on her bottom.

“No rubbing now mind,” Drake warned.

“No Sir,” Mary gasped through a clenched jaw.

Wild horses couldn’t make her break protocol. Not considering the penalties. God the man was merciless. But secretly she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Then thoroughly cowed she drew one last breath and burst into tears.

To be continued.

11 Responses to “Spankmanship (continued)”

  1. mmm i love this spankdelicious story 🙂

  2. 3 paul1510

    I suspect that we leave Mary and Tatiana happier then when we found them. 🙂

  3. 4 Kia

    I’ve missed this story recently- glad to see it continued. I think Paul is right- they both seem much happier, if a bit sore.

    • 5 DJ

      Paul and Kia – I think you are right – but maybe Mary will get even happier than she is?

  4. 6 Scarlet

    Oh, my. I’m actually glad to see Mary get a taste of her own treatment. I’m curious to see if she’s a bit kinder to Tatiana in the next installment.

  5. 8 cindy2

    It is so lovely to read a story in which the use of figging is included along with paddling or strapping. And this is especially true when the tables are turned as they are here. While paddling or strapping imposes pain externally, figging does so internally and in a way that is so intimate. I have some personal experience with ginger and despite what appeared (as far as I could tell) to be uniform methods of preparation (shaving of the outer layer, refrigerating, etc), in some cases the burning grew to be quite intense but in other cases I could hardly feel anything unfortunately.

  6. first time I have signed up for this site adult to adult spanking everyone involved for it my first not my last time

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