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“He’s not joking you know,” Camilla said in a clipped public school tone without looking up from the laptop cradled in her thighs. She sat cross legged on the couch outside Braden’s office furiously typing. Camilla was around 23 and very pretty in a bookish way; her heavy spectacles and serious manner completely at odds […]

Weekly Round-up


It is hard to say whether the spate of closures has abated. More blogs do seem to turn-up missing (and there it was – gone!), but it could just be that these are victims from two weeks ago and a response to the first round of Google closures. Why closed and not just finished? Well […]

LSF have published another collection of four DJ Black stories featuring various women who have one thing in common – from Ancient Rome through to a troubled Bogartesque romance set in the 1940s – these women are all spanked. In Abacus, an amazing archaeological find leads to Anne travelling back in time. She is soon […]

Sorry cowgirl


This pouting naughty cowgirl was sent in by TipTopper. It is from a 1978 calender and you have to agree that the sub-text to this photo-shoot is highly suggestive.

Earlier this week a direct mail link was added on the front page to facilitate communication for anyone with a problem with this blog. That way it keeps some things out of comments and issues can be more quickly resolved. This prompted a quick flurry of friendly emails, so a big thanks to those who […]

Some time today this blog will have been visited 7 million times. the exact number of unique visitors is not recorded by my stats but even allowing for multiple home page visits the average visitor spends several minutes looking at two and half pages each visit. I guesstimate that there are around 10,000 regular readers […]

Paying for it


“You are going to pay for that young lady,” he growled as she stood trembling in the middle of the room. “What do you mean?” she gulped. “You know perfectly well what I mean, I am going to bare your prissy little bottom and give you the spanking of your life. And if I don’t […]

Weekly Round-Up


As I write it is hot. Why can’t we take the cool spring and mix it up with this summer and have it sunny and warm? At least the warm weather is an excuse to spend a Saturday on a pub jetty in the Pool of London while the waves crash under ones feet. The […]

There was a random email from Clare (thanks Clare). She dropped a very brief line to say ‘spanking and corner time are good even when they are bad. I was once put in the corner at work with a colleague by our boss because we wouldn’t stop arguing. It was soooo embarrassing. Love the blog, […]

Never Too Old


Some of you can never get enough ‘never too old stories’ so here are a few allegedly true accounts from the EP. Anon wrote: I received my last spanking from my mother when I was 19. I got a speeding ticket in a school zone and didn’t have the money to pay it as a […]