Happy Halloween


nude vampire halloweenHalloween is not such a big deal in England as it is in other parts of the world, somewhat overshadowed as it is by Bonfire Night.

However in the North they do have something called Mischief Night, which one understands is a more hard core version of trick or treat without the treat dimension. Apparently teenagers go on the rampage and try to outdo each other to play pranks.

It all sounds like a great scenario for a spanking story but when a female friend of a friend related a tale about getting a bare-bottomed spanking for putting dog poo through a letter box whilst trick or treating, I dismissed it, picturing some cute poppet punishment which was of no interest. Who past the age of eight even does this?

This was all some years ago and I do not remember the details of the story, but a few months back I met the same woman again at a party and she happened to mention that she hated trick or treat, but admitted (as she had before) that she had been a horror as a kid. Then she said she had grown up in the north and it had been called Mischief Night and she hadn’t even started doing such things until she was 17 or 18.

I didn’t remind her of the dog poo story but I do wish I had listened more carefully now.

3 Responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Happy Halloween, DJ. As a young teen after I had outgrown Trick or Treating I moved onto Mischief Night and with my friends committed various forms of mayhem – throwing eggs, spraying shaving cream on victims and hitting people with flour socks. A flour sock was an actual sock filled with flour which left a big white mark on clothing when swung like a mace and smacking a body part. Depending on how tightly one packed the flour, how hard you swing the sock and which body part was hit it could also be fairly painful. The darker the person’s clothing the better the flour showed up, and by the end of the night many of us looked as white as ghosts after pummeling each other like maniacs. I must admit that many times I would try to smack a girl on her bum with the flour sock and then gleefully check out my handiwork wishing I could have used my hand instead. Early on I was displaying the traits of that spanko gene.

    A couple of years ago on Devlin O’Neill’s blog I wrote a post about Mischief Night which is also called Devil’s Night in other parts of the country.

  2. 2 Tiptopper

    And at the party you didn’t ask her about the dog poo story to find out how old she was at the time? Tsk,tsk. That story would be much more interesting if she had been older.

    If a female mentions spanking in any context I always follow it with questions, trying to appear casual of course.

    • 3 DJ

      Thanks Michael,

      I wonder how many of these pagan rituals (including spanking) are related.

      TT – the first conversation was a group of young mums talking about T&T – it was really unwise and I had no idea the woman was going off topic. the second – well – I tried to draw her out but the conversation went in another direction. Sorry. 😦

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