Ad Astra Chapter 6: Down to Business


ad astra06Our story started here.

Tammy and Jen were quiet as they entered the ‘woodshed.’ Seeing Jen glaring at her, Tammy could only shrug. The younger girl knew it was all her fault and that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop, but Jen had gone along with the prank and could hardly escape responsibility now.

“’We may have to take a licking, but it will be worth it,’” Jen threw Tammy’s words back at her in a childish voice. “’We won’t get caught.’”

“Sorry.” Tammy pulled a face.

“Tell Luna that,” Jen retorted angrily. “This is nothing. We screwed up. The stupid kid could have been killed.”

Okay, so Jen is taking responsibility. My bad again, Tammy thought bitterly. But it was so unfair, she lied to herself.

“All she had to do was get in the damn lift,” Tammy wailed in frustration.

“We would never have got away with it anyway. Darius would have known that the elevator had been used and he would have reported it,” Jen explained, realising it was true.

“Yeah, but it would have been funnier and the kid wouldn’t have got hurt,” Tammy said angrily as she stepped out of her coveralls.

“Sure, but now the joke is on us,” Jen moaned as she followed suit.

Tammy didn’t wait, but stepped out of her tight undershorts as Dale had told her to before and then turned to face the wall with an angry flush.

It was odd standing bare-bottomed next to another girl in nothing but her bra-top and facing the wall. Jen wondered if this was what it was like having sisters.

They both became quiet for a short time before Tammy said, “You hate me now?”

Jen snorted. “Nah, I’m a Sororian through and through. ‘Tendering my tail for tenderisation,’” she quoted from an old rhyme, “is engraved on my soul.”

“It’s about to be engraved on your arse,” Tammy remarked ruefully.

After that they both fell silent and listened to the music of the ship. Faint metallic clangs that seemed to be tortuously long before snapping back to begin over and never quite being still. Both girls knew enough about ships to know that all large ships made such sounds when underway; especially old vessels like the Ad Astra.

It seemed to take an age for Dane to come and each random clunk on the gantry outside threatened to announce his arrival. A long wait tended to grate on the nerves somewhat. Then all at once he was there and they were taken by surprise.

“Turn around,” Captain Dane growled.

The girls snapped around, dropping their hands to their fronts and blushing. They could see at once by his thunderous face that he meant business and both of them gulped and blanched as their nervous eyes avoided his.

“We have a stowaway and she is now part of the crew, get over it,” Dane rasped. “I know it’s a pain and it will be weeks before she is any use to us. But the truth is we could use the extra hand.”

He let that sink in.

“You hope to be an officer some day?” Dane looked at Tammy and she nodded without meeting his eyes. “Then you know that is true.”

Jen sucked in her cheeks and stole a side glance at her friend.

“You too, you both know what a dangerous place a ship can be. What were you thinking? You hazed her once already, this time you nearly killed the girl. Almost worse, you screwed around with emergency equipment,” Dane continued.

Jen started to answer back. They hadn’t touched the emergency escape.

“Don’t even think about it,” Dane growled in a tone of death. “She was assigned to your team and you left her to play silly buggers with the hatch. I don’t want to hear about ‘you only meant’ or ‘how were you to know.’”

“Yes Sir,” they both chimed in unison, blinking hard from his onslaught.

“This has been placed on both your personal records as well it should,” Dane said quietly.

Tammy’s face tightened around her eyes and a little panic showed. Unlike Jen, she was not going through the motions for a family business. This was a career for her.

“Maybe the entry will get lost before the end of this trip, maybe it won’t. Maybe that is up to you,” Dane’s words were pregnant with menace. “Do either of you want to appeal the punishment?”

“No Sir,” Jen said.

“No Sir,” Tammy followed suit after a sharp intake of breath.

“So this is how it is going to be,” Dane’s voice rumbled. “You will both take a turn on the rack there for a stiff workout with the cob.”

Tammy’s eyes went wide and her heart sank.

Jen didn’t think this sounded good, but she didn’t know which of the punishment implements he meant.

Dane didn’t care, she would soon find out.

He continued, “Then until further notice, when not on duty and not on designated sleep-time, you will each report in full dress uniform and stand to attention on the bridge facing the wall. And since you like to play childish pranks, you will both stand with your pants and trousers at your ankles.”

The blood flooded Tammy’s face and Jen’s jaw dropped.

“That too will be on your personal record,” Dane explained.

“Yes Sir.” Tammy’s voice was thick and tears welled-up in her eyes.

Personal records were notoriously insecure and routinely formed the basis for ship gossip about any new crew member. Such an entry had the potential to amuse shipmates for years to come. Tammy could only pray that Dane would relent.

Jen rolled her eyes up. This was going to be embarrassing. Then she remembered something.

“Sir… I eh… I don’t have a dress uniform,” she ventured.

“Get one,” the captain bellowed.


Dane had decided to take Jen first and ordered her bend over the padded bench. Being punished by a man was a novel experience and she had never felt so vulnerable with her head far lower than her now elevated bare bottom.

Even from that position she could see the captain reach for the long thin white rod hanging from a hook. She had heard about it, but never felt it before. Her mother usually referred to it as a cane; cob was a new word for her.

How bad can it be? Dane moved behind her as she pondered. Not as bad as the heavy paddle or the…

The whistle-swish broke into her thoughts, her curiosity piqued. Then a line of fire bit in hard across the width of her exposed bottom and her eyes flew apart in time to the thwack that followed in its wake.

It was hard to draw enough breath to yell and then the stroke really took hold; sawing into her as if it would never let go.

Dane didn’t wait to lay on the next and Jen had yet to cope with the first stroke before the second cut in below it. She announced this impact with a garbled groan and a hiss through her nose.

Jen slapped and clawed at the rack as she rode waves of pain and struggled even to wonder how many he would give her.

The third and fourth sliced with an unnatural power into the uppermost curves of her bottom and finally she managed a pained yell. Thereafter as stroke followed efficient stroke she barked out yelps that rapidly descended into kindergarten bawling.

At that moment Jen would have done anything, anything at all that Dane told her to do.

“I’m sorry,” she wailed before her barking wails descended into all out sobbing.

“A captain’s punishment is usually 30,” Dane said in a dark voice, “But for a one time offer, you can have half. So how many is that?”

Jen was beyond speaking, let alone counting and just lay there sobbing, so Dane flicked a glance at an open-mouthed Tammy. She merely gaped at him.

“That is a dozen. Three more,” Dane told them.

Tammy had received a cobbing before, but only twice and only once at Dane’s hands. He too had offered her half on the grounds that it had been her first time. She had prayed for the belt ever after. Now she felt a little sick. She had the full captain’s 30 to come. No excuses.

Jen greeted the last three strokes with an unrestrained bellow at each and tammy marvelled at the nest of angry purple worms that dominated her friend’s whole bottom.

“Alright, up and face that wall,” Dane ordered.

“S-ess S-sir, ‘ank oo S-sir,” Jen wept.

It took an age for the sobbing Jen to comply and Tammy for one was grateful.

“Tammy, you are a disappointment to me,” Dane sighed.

“Yes Sir,” Tammy said with a curt nod as a single tear rolled down her right cheek.

“Any reason you shouldn’t get the full 30?”

Tammy gulped and went white. But bravely she managed to say, “None Sir.”

“Well said,” Dane said with a sad smile. “In the interests of equality I’ll give you half. But that is your last reprieve. If you so much as have a hair out of place before we get to Rigel, your sore bottom will feel my belt, understand?”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir,” Tammy gabbled gratefully.

“Alright, over you go,” he ordered her.


The days that followed were very tense for the younger members of the crew.

Tammy and Jen had to serve out a never ending rolling punishment that swallowed all of their spare time.

For Luna it was impossible not to be amused by the sight of one or other and sometimes both of the young cadets standing to face the wall of the bridge with their uniform bottoms at their ankles. But although it was funny to see the two sorry girls so shamefully exposed with what looked like a laser rash of blistered welts on both bottoms, it was also quite sobering. She couldn’t help but have mixed feelings as she knew that she too could find herself in the same predicament if she didn’t learn the ropes quickly enough.

Luna knew for a fact that both girls had cried themselves to sleep the first night after and had not sat down since, even three days later. Not that she had much time to dwell on such things. Dale, Michelin and even Captain Dane had run her ragged at every opportunity giving her a crash course in just about every routine and emergency procedure on the ship. That morning had been typical.

“How many times have I told you how to run a panel diagnostic? You have to reboot each and every time,” Dale said wearily.

“Sorry, I meant to but…” Luna whined.

“Meant to? Did you read the manual chapter I gave you?” Dale persisted.

“I started to but then I… well kinda forgot,” Luna said sheepishly.

“Give me strength,” Dale sighed. “Come here.”

Without ceremony Dale pulled the hapless trainee across her knee and began to tug down her coveralls.

“I’m sorry,” Luna wailed as he bottom was bared.

“Yeah, I’m sure,” Dale said as she pulled a panel cleaning brush from her tool belt. “I’m going to spank your behind cherry red and after I’m done you are going to learn two chapters of the manual. The one I set and the next one. Then I am going to test you on it.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Luna squeaked.

She was utterly mortified to be across the older woman’s lap and she squirmed like a squished puppy.

“If you don’t get at least a pass I’m gonna spank you again and again until you do. Then I’ll have you carry out your duties with a bare behind just for good measure.”

Dale was certain that all the spoilt brat needed was a firm hand. After all they couldn’t have a replay of the escape hatch incident. Then just to make her point she spanked the girl soundly and thoroughly leaving no corner of her tail unmarked. Then just to be sure, she spanked her over until the former socialite was bawling in total surrender.

“Now get,” Dale barked and watched as the moist-eyed girl scurried away hobbled by her coveralls at her knees.

That had been only this morning and Luna could still feel the burn in her behind. The funny thing was she couldn’t bring herself to resent it. Her whole life no one had ever gave a damn about her and now here was Dale showing her things and teaching her things she would never have believed she was capable of.

Reliving the spanking before she had come on watch again had left her embarrassed sure, but something else. There was a warm tickle deep inside her and something like a door opening from a life outside. She shook her head; she had to focus before she screwed up again.

Reporting to the bridge for her next safety routine assignment, she ran through in her mind the half-learned chapters she had been set. God, I hope she doesn’t test me yet, but somehow she knew before too long she was destined for another spanking.

Then she eyed Tammy’s welted behind at her station facing the wall. Still, at least I haven’t earned anything like that yet. Luna’s eyes were drawn to the punished girl like magnets, even though she tried hard not to look. Then she saw Jen glowering at her and she blushed.

Not that Jen looked exactly comfortable.

“Alright, change watches,” Dale yelled out. “This will be the last full watch before we make the jump.”

Then spying Luna, Dale said, “You will run maintenance diagnostics with Michelin. I’ll test you tomorrow. But I wasn’t joking about what I said this morning.”

“No Ma’am,” Luna gulped.

“Hey, I said change shifts,” Dale barked turning her attention to Jen who stood at the consul.

Tammy was already pulling up her uniform trousers.

“Permission to stand my watch Ma’am,” Tammy said in a tight voice.

Any thought that the hardened cadet could take her punishment in her stride was dashed by the sight of Tammy’s woeful face and a rather glassy look to her eyes.

“Granted,” Dale said.

Then she turned to a rather sheepish looking Jen who was getting ready to take Tammy’s place.

“You know the captain’s orders,” Dale said stiffly.

“Yes Ma’am,” Jen swallowed as she bent to drive her undershorts emphatically down to her ankles.

Luna went wide-eyed at the textured stain on Jen’s bottom as she inadvertently shoved it towards her.

“It could happen to you if you don’t shape up,” Dale suggested.

“Yes Ma’am,” Luna baulked.


Everyone was on the bridge for the approach to the jump point, even Luna. However, she was made to stand at the back next to Jen and Tammy as the rest of the crew went through their procedures by the numbers.

“There is a long-hauler on the mid scan,” Gail announced.

“Shall I take the comms station and hail them?” Tammy said eagerly. She was desperate to get back into Dane’s good books.

Dane nodded thoughtfully. Communications weren’t generally needed in transit. Not unless there was a problem. But if the long-hauler transport on the scan was too close then they may need to cooperate before they could both make the jump.

“Please standby,” Dane said in answer to cadet Win. “Officer Lustrom?”

Interpreting his order to mean she should take position at the communications station, Tammy moved eagerly across the bridge. A sudden movement that caused a flare in her behind and she visibly winced.

Meanwhile answering the captain, Gail said, “They are a ways off.”

Anticipating the question Gail began to run the numbers, but Dane didn’t ask and instead looked at Dale at the navigation station.

“There’s no interference, the jump signal is clean,” she reported.

“Clear for jump at your order,” Michelin confirmed.

“Lustrom, anything unusual about the ship?” Dane asked Gail.

“No Sir,” she said emphatically.

“Cadet Win, any comms traffic?”

Tammy blanched, she hardly had time to log in.

“Eh… no Sir, nothing.” Damn, she thought.

Dane didn’t notice the slip.


Darius replied from his station off the bridge in his trademark sing-song voice, “All systems normal.”

“Okay Hollister, let’s go to Rigel Nine.” Dane hit the release code button his consul and sat back.


The Ad Astra had dropped into space more than two days out from the planet. The asteroids and debris scattered throughout the system not only slowed up a nearer approach but made communications somewhat spotty.

For most of the crew this was just one more planet and a not so remarkable one at that. But for Luna this was going to be her first off-world experience. So with each passing day the excitement grew and not even another spanking from Dale for failing to learn her service manuals adequately was enough to dampen it.

Now with the penultimate watch nearly over the ship was closing with the Rigel space port fast.

Absently Luna rubbed at her tender behind, totally absorbed in the ‘better-than-life’ display of the approaching planet. Even the sight of Jen and Tammy standing side-by-side with their still sore bottoms on show did not distract her, although if she had spared a thought for them, she would have noticed that the welting on their backsides had subsided somewhat. Now any witness could see distinct tracks where the cob had bit home so that both girls had roughly even lines described across both bottom cheeks all the way from cleft-top to where the thigh met the fold of their tail globes.

Jen pouted in irritation at her humiliating position, but it was not the first time she had found herself doing corner time during a planetary approach. For Tammy it was far worse and she still felt acute shame at her embarrassing predicament.

I’m all hugs and smiles for the newbie forever, I swear, Tammy promised silently. She could only pray that her punishment parade would come to an end with this voyage and that it wouldn’t be continued on to Maelstrom.

The trouble was, Tammy was not used to the humiliating aspects of punishments. Dane usually just gave her a deserved good hiding when she had one coming. She had been horrified when Jen had casually and almost cheerfully told her of the times she had still been in the corner when customs officials had come aboard.

Just to change the subject Tammy had asked Jen that morning, “I wonder what Rigel Nine is like?”

“It’s a dump,” Jen had replied as she struggled with the buttons on the still unfamiliar uniform Darius had run-up for her. “We used to stop in all the time. My mother has friends there.”

To be continued

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  1. 1 paul1510

    Sci/Fi and spanking my two favourite forms of escapism, thank you. 😀

  2. Awesome chapter , it was worth the wait

  3. 3 Raffe

    You have a good understanding about what a good Sci/Fi story should be and very goods sence on what the future looks like in general and that makes reading your Sci/Fi stories very enjoyable sometimes I pass the spanking parts just to get to the rest of the story. There are times that I wonder if you are a time traveler.

  4. 4 DJ

    Thanks Paul and Bahama Girl

    Raffe glad you liked it too but more on that last month. 🙂

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