More Tip Top drawings


Tiptopper image about to be spankedTiptopper image blindfold spanking

One Response to “More Tip Top drawings”

  1. 1 Ann Blake

    I get chills lookng at that first picture, hits too close to home. Although my step mother was never so blatant as that drawing suggest she did make sure my privates were in view. Often while over her ample lap, she would pull-up her sleeves then with ceremonious ease, slip down my panties always making insidious comments like ( let’s get a look at your bare bottom, shall we? You have been wanting to have your panties pulled down for quite some time!). just above my knees. With her hands she would part my thighs so that I was unable to clench my bottom ( a big No-no). Then while chatting with my father who sat across from her she would instruct me ” Sarah , lift your bottom, you know the rules, Bottom high up so I can spank it good” I knew better then to disobey her words. How much more submissive could I be then over her knee, bare and now Lifting my large bottom up for her to spank as she wished ( as I needed). Often I was in this awkward and humiliating position for a good 10 minutes while she went over her days events with my father, having cocktails, as if I were not there. The worst was when I glanced up and caught our reflection in the mirror. I saw my step mother staring at my private area with such interest and satisfaction while she nudged my thighs even farther apart allowing a complete view of everything. She understood she had all the power over me and relished every bit of it. I looked away in shame only to be patted on my bottom by her. Signaling me that she was enjoying every bit of my discomfort. The price I paid for disobedience was great. Yes these were painful horrible lessons, but even worse was that I needed them. I am one of those females who needs a very sore red bare bottom to learn.

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