Ad Astra a catch-up


Ad AstraCyborg amd LunaWith a new instalment of Ad Astra in the pipeline, I thought it would be useful to recap.

Dale Hanson, former smuggler and reformed criminal has to contend with an older sister who is not only a reluctant business partner, but her legal guardian. To cap it all Hanson freight is going bust and Captain Bradley Dane is brought in turn things around.

Dane, a cyborg from a high tech world, is as reckless as he is unwelcome. But does he have another agenda? The new captain brings with him a 19-year-old ward and sexually submissive synthetic person to serve as the Ad Astra’s second mate; a woman with some very unusual handling requirements.

We catch-up with the action with the Ad Astra inbound for Rigel Nine and Jen and Tammy facing some stiff disciplinary measures after hazing the new girl Luna.

All episodes listed here.

The Crew
Captain Bradley Dane, contracted by Lidia Hanson the ship’s co-owner and Dale’s sister
Dale Hanson, former captain, now first mate and part owner of the Ad Astra
Michelin Hollister, a synthetic person and conditioned submissive who serves as the second mate
Gail Lustrom, Dale’s lover, ship’s doctor and acting third mate
Jen Hanson, Dale’s adult daughter and cadet
Tammy Win. Dane’s ward and cadet
Luna Price, former socialite and stowaway now training as a cadet
Darius, the Ad Astra’s multi-purpose-service-drone (MPSdrone)

Other Hanson family
Lidia Hanson, Dale’s older sister and legal guardian; co-owner of the Ad Astra
Jan Hanson, Lidia’s adult daughter

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