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Our story started here. Tammy and Jen were quiet as they entered the ‘woodshed.’ Seeing Jen glaring at her, Tammy could only shrug. The younger girl knew it was all her fault and that sometimes she didn’t know when to stop, but Jen had gone along with the prank and could hardly escape responsibility now. […]

With a new instalment of Ad Astra in the pipeline, I thought it would be useful to recap. Dale Hanson, former smuggler and reformed criminal has to contend with an older sister who is not only a reluctant business partner, but her legal guardian. To cap it all Hanson freight is going bust and Captain […]

The three junior midshipmen stood before Acting Lieutenant Peacock quaking in their seat boots. For one of them, this was the third time this week and the umpteenth time since the HMS Artemis had left England. When Mary Wells had taken her late cousin, Martin Wells’ place as a midshipman on board, she had not […]