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Our story started here. Somewhere a cockerel announced the morning and a song bird joined in with an instant busk to celebrate. In a half dream state Chelsea thought that if she ignored them then they might just go away. But it was only a momentary delusion and after a short pause she opened one […]

On seeing this picture I was reminded of the time I spanked a girl in a hammock. If you were ever thinking of trying it then think again or else take great care. We had taken a cottage for the summer and in a holiday spirit we strung two hammocks up in the conservatory. It […]

While following a lead on burlesque spanking I found this chance reference to Lili St Cyr (pictured above). Lili was burlesque star who worked with the legendary Gypsy Rose Lee and was briefly a film star in the 1950s. She was briefly a protégé of Howard Hughes and landed a role in the movie Son […]

No doubt many readers of Pride and Prejudice have fantasised that Mr Darcy would have once just taken its heroine over his knee. And we can be fairly sure that even back in 1813 when the book was first published, this was so and that canny publishers were well aware of such subtexts. If not, […]

Weekly Round-up


The first picture is a Fastner and Larson comic strip posted by Cherry Red last Tuesday. I did some searching for more of their work and found some of the rest of this strip on F&L’s own website. The next picture is from Poppy Submissions and illustrated her Life with the Big Top short story. […]

Our story started here. Stephan tossed a stone and watched it skip out to meet the waves. The beach looked different in daylight and without Chelsea it was downright lonely. The skipping stone did not get far before it was swallowed by a breaker; white horses his mother had called them when she was alive. […]

Yesterday I began the epic task of cataloguing my picture collection to make finding illustrations easier to find. As I suspected, this was a task that was long overdue, a fact confirmed when I found the picture above. I don’t remember ever seeing it before or where it came from. It may have come in […]

Our story started here. Candida wanted to flee, but there was nowhere to run. In fact to even to attempt it would make her father look bad in front of two elders. No, she had made a choice now she must live with it. With a sigh her skirt was folded on a chair next […]

Found these three pictures on Amazon listed as postcard erotica. The first picture I haven’t seen before, the second two look familiar and are obviously from the same set.

Our story started here. Collecting the switches was hardly uneventful, but for the most part those that saw the two bare-bottomed girls in the lane just chuckled and went on by. It would have been so much worse if it had of been a weekend. “I think I am going to die,” Alice wailed as […]