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A Tenuous Link


As you will not doubt know today is VE Day. It is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe at the end of the Second World War. Despite the lock down there is nothing but flags around our way and I have even seen single household ‘street parties’ getting underway. Never were garage tops […]

Sometime ago I posted a snippet about land girls in World War II. These were young women who were either drafted or volunteered to work on British farms from 1938 to 1946 on account of the men leaving for the armed services. As previously discussed most of these women were professional and conscientious, but I […]

Buz Sawyer was an American cartoon strip that ran from 1943 through to 1989. Created by Roy Crane, who was the lead artist until 1979, it told the story of a US Navy pilot through his exploits in the Second World War and civilian life. He later ‘re-enlisted’ to fight in Korea and even Vietnam. […]

Special Section and the events in this story are fictitious, although the war and the services and places mentioned were very real. Although exaggerated, the discipline mention at Dartmouth, including a COs 30, administered to the bare bottom of female recruits did actually happen; as did the punishment of wrens on some naval establishments in […]