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wordpress commentsIt seems that WordPress have changed the system again and some people are having difficulties making comments on some blogs.

Officially you have to be logged-on to a WordPress or other recognised account, although some have managed to comment without so being.

Also some people have been duly logged-on but have still been prevented from making comments.

Apologies for any inconvenience if you have tried to comment on this blog and your comments have not been accepted.

13 Responses to “No Comment”

  1. 1 paul1510

    as long as I remain logged on, no problems.
    Sometimes it can be a little difficult to log on, but I’ve always put that down to my memory. 😀

  2. Serafina and I started blogging on WordPress something like 6 or 7 years ago (unrelated subject) but our blog is powered by blogger . . .


    Self-hosted WordPress blogs took up too much time fiddling with the software to get it to work just right. Blogger may not have as much ability to be customized, but it allows us to concentrate only on the content . . .

    • 3 DJ

      I am glad that Blogger is working out for you.

      I have to say a lot of people moved from Blogger in this community because a) there used to be terrible problems with comments and b) because too many blogs were arbitrarily shut down without warning.

      I have had no problems with WordPress myself but I have heard that some people have just recently. It is annoying but we have to accept that the software does have to develop over time.

      Thanks for your input though. 🙂

      All the best DJ

      • We actually began with Blogger found it much too limited and went to WordPress. That was fine in some ways but nut satisfactory in other ways. The constant updates by WordPress meant that any plugins need to be upgraded as well and far too often they ended up not working and we’d be off to hunt for another one that hopefully would. In the end it became too frustrating to keep up with all the updates. It was taking more time to fuss with the mechanics, and less for actual input.

        So far Blogger is somewhat limited but in general it has seem decent. It would be really cool to have one size fits all software

    • PS.

      You should put a link on your wordpress page to your actual blog on Blogspot. 🙂

  3. 6 Poppy

    I have finally remembered my wordpress account details but I am not at all sure it links back to my account.
    Stupid wordpress- someone needs to spank them very hard.

  4. 7 Mindy

    Yes, I noticed that I had to be logged onto WordPress before I can comment. Rather annoying. I hope they revert back.

  5. 8 Dan

    If you can read this, I’m not having any problems leaving a comment, and I don’t even possess a account that I could be logged into.

  6. 9 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Let me try and see if it accepts my comment. Cute picture, btw. Is she anyone we know?

  7. 10 Karl Friedrich Gauss

    That worked. And I wasn’t using a wordpress account. Or at least I wasn’t aware of doing so.

  8. It seems that some people are having some trouble others (like myself) are not.

    I guess those people who cannot comment at all can’t tell us. Sorry to those people.

    Thanks to everyone else.

  9. 12 Old Tom

    OK I am stupid I accept that but how do I get to log on?

    • 13 DJ

      No Tom you’re not – I don’t have any superior knowledge – I don’t know.

      Some people have reported difficulties that I haven’t encountered. 😦

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