I won’t! Who does he think he is?


I won'tSome couples have tempestuous relationships and some would not want it any other way. This is a short piece of fiction inspired by a true story. Be warned it includes some sexual content.

He spanked her, she couldn’t believe it, he had actually spanked her.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” She raged.

He folded his arms and looked at her. Maybe he had gone too far, but what had she expected? In any other circumstance he might have apologised, but if he started in on that now it would only support what she had said and he would never hear the last of it. Besides, if she was going to leave him, then the damage had already been done. He felt sick at the thought of it.

“I can’t believe you just did that,” she said angrily, still rubbing at her bottom.

“No? Really?” He said letting his arms drop to his sides and taking a step forward.

She moved back a little, uncertainty creeping into her eyes. She looked away so he wouldn’t see it.

“Wimp, coward, boring, predictable, weak; shall I go on,” he threw back at her.

She looked off to her right so that her eyes fell hard upon the shopping list for that week. Two dozen spanks and a new husband weren’t on the list. A tear formed in eye and rolled down one cheek. Don’t let him say sorry now, the thought came from nowhere. She wanted to stay angry at him, she wanted…

“Oh tears is it now?” He threw up his arms in exasperation. “You went to see him behind my back and then you… made me the villain,” he spluttered.

“It was coffee, just coffee,” she spat back at him.

“You lied,” he bellowed, his own rage surfacing now.

She flushed and dropped her chin. Yes, she thought. Suddenly she wanted to take it all back. She extended her arms as if seeking a cuddle from Daddy, but they just hung in the space between them, not quite connecting. He ignored them and turned away from her. Make it stop now, she thought miserably.

“Are you going to see him again?” He said quietly.

“I don’t know?” She whispered. Of course not, she thought.

“I see,” he said with a heavy sigh.

No you don’t, she thought urgently. Don’t give up now, put your foot down.

“Where does that leave us?” He didn’t look at her now.

“You are a wimp aren’t you?” The words escaped her before she could call them back.

“What?” It was a bark. He couldn’t bite.

Then she thought of the spanking. Or maybe he could. She was still aroused from the encounter. He almost had it, she thought bitterly.

“You heard me,” she said.

The spanking had been an impulse, he thought. Now he wished he hadn’t stopped it so soon. Maybe he should have bared her for it. Maybe… his cock hardened. God she was beautiful.

“I sing and you dance,” she said. Hey that was good. She smiled to herself. “How many bloody clues do you want?”

He saw the smile and frowned. Was she nuts? He was too confused and angry now. She was bloody laughing at him.

“What are you talking about?” Stay rational, he commanded himself. You have already lost control once. It didn’t work.

She didn’t know. She wanted… what? He had done it and it hadn’t worked.

“What do you want from me?” He sighed. It sounded like surrender; a request for terms.

She heard it too. You; I want you, she suddenly realised.

“Don’t you know?” She said. Did she?

He thought hard. He remembered the time in bed when she had told him… things he could not believe; fantasies and impossible fantastic and unfashionable relationships. And then last week she had said he was dull in bed. When he saw her with him, what was he to think? He looked at her.

Her eyes pleaded with him. Save me they seemed to say. Save us. She looked timid, lost even.

“So you think you might see him again?” He growled, “Well not if I have anything to do with it.”

She let her jaw drop. He wouldn’t, would he? “You wouldn’t dare.” It was lame, but the best signal she could give under the circumstances.

He took her arm and led her out of the kitchen. It was strange to be in the front room in her jim-jams. It was an incongruous thought.

This time he made himself comfortable and took her over his knee. Her pyjama bottoms came down easily. She resisted, it was a respectable show, she thought, but it was futile.

Looking down at her now bare bottom he wondered if he really dare. Her skin showed no sign of his earlier attempt and he couldn’t resist stroking it.

“Are you going to see him again?” It was a reasonable request. She had an out.

“Fuck you,” she challenged.

He spanked her hard. Slow at first and then he let the full weight of his arm rise an fall with his heart. He would break one or the other before he was done. Unless… The thought didn’t come.

“You bastard, you…ow,” this wasn’t funny and she struggled in her place across his knee.

The tang of her arousal assailed his nostrils and he wondered if she in turn could feel his erection.

Her bottom was quite red now. The colour pronounced, although as yet restricted to her bottom cheeks. He slapped at the join with her thigh to extend the stain.

“Yah, not there it hurts too much,” she gasped.

He relaxed and grinned. “Wimp, am I?”

“Now let’s not be hasty,” she said sounding a little strained; desperate even.

“Hasty am I? Will you see him again? Will you?” He spanked in as hard as he could at each word and then added a few more to make his point.

“I will if I want to,” she said sullenly with a pout. It wasn’t that convincing.

He spanked her again hard across both cheeks at once; his penis twitched inside his trousers. This time she felt it.

“Enjoying yourself,” she snapped, trying to sound bitter; although in truth she felt light headed.

“I know you are,” he retorted, spanking her hard again and determined not to stop until she wasn’t.

“Okay I’m sorry,” she wailed. It was all becoming more than she could handle.

“Will you see him again?” This time the question was sincere.

“No,” her answer was emphatic.

He continued to spank her almost as hard as before.

“I said no, I’m sorry,” she wailed.

“I am glad to hear it,” he said, spanking her harder. He wasn’t ready stop just yet.

She hugged into his leg and settled in for a long assault; her breathing by now quite ragged.


Later in bed she hugged into him. Her bottom still burned a little and she shook it like a happy puppy as she revelled in the sting.

“I’m sorry, I deserved that,” she whispered.

“Which part?” He grinned.

“The first part, not the second, thank you,” she said shyly.

He hugged her back hard.

“Promise me,” she whispered.

“Promise what?”

“Promise you will punish me whenever you think I deserve it.”

He looked at her and considered.

“However you want,” she added dreamily.

“Fair enough,” he said, “I’ll take you up on that.”

“Do,” she murmured kissing his naked chest.

“Now we have handled the wimp crack, it is time for the main event, now let’s have you in the corner while you wait,” he said casually.

“What?” She gasped, but her heart raced and her indignation was false. “Oh come on you can’t. Anyway where did you get an idea like that?”

“Oh you gave it to me, don’t you remember?”

She did; once long ago in bed they had…

“Oh you can’t be serious, this is stupid,” she wailed as he led her to the corner still naked.

“I’ll always be serious about you,” he whispered kissing her.

“I won’t do it,” she wailed.

He hauled her easily over his lap and brought his hand down on her bottom sharply.

“I really think you will,” he said, “Even if it takes all day.”


10 Responses to “I won’t! Who does he think he is?”

  1. I simply love this.

  2. 2 paul1510

    I agree with Poppy, 200%. 😀

  3. Love the back and forth of dialogue and thoughts–this is really quite real. This line: “It sounded like surrender, a request for terms.” A girl does listen for that, and hates to hear it…Nicely done, DJ!

    • 5 DJ

      psychological stories are all in such phrases – I am glad that you appreciated it.


  4. 6 quinn664

    I really liked this story. That girl is very lucky.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • 7 DJ

      Thanks Cindy,

      glad to see that some girls appreciate a firm hand (eventually)

      DJ 😉

  5. Sweet. Only, using foul language generally and over the knee especially should lead to having your mouth washed with soap 😀

  6. Very nicely written. I love how you show their thoughts don’t always reflect what they say.

  1. 1 chross.blogt.ch

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