Raw: The story so far


bondswoman on RawRaw is a series of sci-fi novellas that have an overlapping story with many of the same characters.

The next short story is set to be published on Saturday.

As they are not strictly parts you might want to catch-up by reading the previous novellas in order. Be aware that each is around 16,000 words long. Also please note that some people were sent a link and/or a preview to Saturday’s story in error. It is unclear why, but apologies if you were confused. Thanks Paul for pointing this out.

Raw: Precious

Coming up:
Raw: Strangers

2 Responses to “Raw: The story so far”

  1. 1 calabash

    Despite having read and enjoyed the material at this site for many months, I have never commented here — but I am now compelled to.

    This series is outstanding. Simply outstanding. A tour de force. Heinlein, Pournelle or Norton could not have done better.

    • 2 DJ

      praise indeed – glad you have enjoyed it 🙂

      can’t quite recall – who is Norton?


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