May Day


! Beltane Dreams-of-Spanking_spring072

This is not a call for help, but how appropriate a name for this day at the moment. Firstly an apology to everyone. Yesterday I touched upon politics, which is never a good idea. Never talk about politics in a pub or on a spanking blog I was always told. It was just I was having a bad day yesterday and then a certain person suggested that the Corona virus was all about him. I was oh so very slightly aghast at the sheer self obsessiveness of such a claim.

Thank you to everyone who commented with kind words and your own views about our favourite hotelier-cum-TV star. I hope I won’t cause offence if I do not allow those to be published. No one was rude or extreme, although some people respectfully did not agree with me. It is just that while everyone is playing nice let’s not go down that rabbit hole. I am British and probably should not comment anyway. I possibly would not even care if the leader in question ran almost any other country. Hey, so go America, I care.

Back to May Day, or Beltane on some pagan calendars, which is the first day of summer. Themes of fertility, renewal and in some cultures lots of spanking. Hey everyone let’s hit the beach… oh no don’t do that.

Today Indigo is doing stuff. Cooking mostly, but there are flowers and bits of twigs and I think I saw a ram headed man dealing a pack of tarot cards in the sitting room. That last bit might not be true.

I was going to write a piece about pagan spanking and May Day traditions, although I think I covered it before. However, I did not get the research done in time so be content with the picture above, which is taken from Dreams of Spanking.

5 Responses to “May Day”

  1. Everyone is entitled to let off steam especially during these troubled times, my view, for what’s it’s worth is that I sometimes add political comments and hopefully if anyone take offence they will ignore the comments and pass on to what they enjoy, comment and tell me to “bugger off” which is fine or stop reading my blog, hopefully we are all mature enough to let it just wash over. Take care and I still think you have a great mix. Regards, Chris

  2. Amazing pic ! Thanks !

  3. 3 scunge

    I have started referring to him as The PINO thanks to Jimmy Kimmel I can’t stand the person of which you are speaking. I have NEVER liked him and I certainly did not vote for him! Also it’s your blog you can write as you wish and if others get their knickers in a twist about it well…

  4. 4 Susannah

    totally agree with two above, even if I didn’t have to choose not to vote for him. There can’t be many who would really get upset? Your comments about the ram headed man made me laugh, which was a nice change from doom and gloom surrounding us.

  5. 5 DJ

    I hear you -but this could all go south very quickly and as astonishing as it is to me I am not entirely preaching to the choir ?? So given it is off topic it is best avoided.

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