A Tenuous Link


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As you will not doubt know today is VE Day. It is the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Europe at the end of the Second World War. Despite the lock down there is nothing but flags around our way and I have even seen single household ‘street parties’ getting underway. Never were garage tops and roof gardens ever put to better use.

No one is getting spanked, not even our very good friends the Germans, who have also been celebrating.

However, I did do some digging to see if their were any spanking angles relating to World War Two. There are many.

Winston Churchill’s daughter was spanked by a American GI while herself serving. It was later recreated for laughs in a British newspaper for morale purposes. I could not find that picture but I did find another from 1942, again played for laughs. A certain Miss Chapman on war service neglected to telegram home to her worried parents so when she got home her father expressed his disapproval in the traditional manner. That homecoming was recreated for comic effect in a wartime propaganda poster for the US Telegram service (pictured above).

If anyone is any doubt as to the very real morale benefits of a good spanking, Daily Mirror comic strip heroine, Jane, was frequently spanked for misadventures and is said the British 8th Army made significant advances on the day she was depicted as fully nude in the strip.

1 Jane -mirror

4 Responses to “A Tenuous Link”

  1. The top photo is excellent, well done!! I have not seen that image before and it is a great discovery.

    • 2 Rick

      Although “Mom” is showing signs of senility. Spanking the bottom of a shoe is not going to be effective.

    • 4 DJ

      Praise indeed coming from you Richard 🙂

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