And so…


Sorry it has taken me so long to write this post.

There is nothing actually wrong but due to various factors around work and family life I cannot in good conscience continue to post here for the time being. Things may change in future, indeed my delay in writing this is because I don’t know what to tell you and I didn’t know how to end it.

Unlike before, when I closed the blog entirely, I will for now leave it open and may occasionally even give you an update.

Meanwhile thank you some much for your interest and support; over 20 million visitors in 11 years. Thank you and for now at least good bye.

35 Responses to “And so…”

  1. Thank you for your blogs, posts, stories, images. I can understand you taking a well earned rest from entertaining us with your clever words and images. I look forward to seeing your name pop up in the future. I will know I have something to enjoy when that day happens. Good luck, stay safe and well. x

  2. 2 bklynny0856

    Thanks for everything. You will be missed. Best always.

  3. Commiserations with whatever problems you may be having. I ook forward to receiving more from you. Take care. God bless. Lia.

  4. 4 Mike

    Best wishes dear boy! Stay safe and happy, hopefully we shall all be waiting for your return.

  5. 5 Susannah

    You know how much you will be missed. Nothing to look forward to now. Please try to at least give us an update when you can. So many bloggers fall exhausted by the wayside, I do hope you will manage to carryon in due course. Many mAnythanks for all the enjoyment you’ve given us and I just hope it will be resumed before too long. Best of best wishes

  6. 6 Malcolm Fawbert


    And thank you.

    Take care and stay safe.

    I suppose we all have to stop one day, seeing this has made me decide to search for someone to carry on in my name, when I have to stop. You have inspired me, what you are …or was…is what I aimed at in the beginning.

    Asa (Malcolm)

    Sent from my iPad


  7. I hope that you will feel like returning, it has been a pleasure reading your posts, good luck and best wishes, Chris

  8. Oh no, I hope things resolve soon, and you can come back. You’ll be missed, hoping your sabbatical is beneficial to all.

  9. 9 ellteesecrets

    Thank you for all the stories, insights and images. It has been a pleasure to read your blog. And fingers crossed that you may return to delight us all in the future.

  10. Please take good care of yourself….WordPress is here when you return ❤

  11. 11 GB

    Hope everything works out for you and your family. Will miss the great postings. Hope you can drop something in every now and then. Thanks for the great blog!

  12. 12 Just Another Boomer

    Thanks for the outstanding content. You don’t owe anyone here a thing — go take care of what matters. We all of us wish you and yours the very best.

  13. 13 Corner boy

    Do you ever talk about males and females in the corner

  14. 14 Lucy Lockett

    Good luck with whatever the future holds for you. You will be missed but sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to do everything. Stay safe and hopefully we’ll hear from you again one day….even if it is just occasionally.

  15. Very relieved that all is ok with you and you are finding time for you and yours will definitely miss your posts, and look forward to possible up dates. You have given so much over the years and I will continue to read your stories which have cheered me at some dark times.

  16. 16 Gentleman_John

    The best spanking blog on the internet. Well wishes and for purely selfish reasons, I hope you return to regular updates soon.

  17. 17 Theo Jones

    Best wishes, thank you for leaving the blog up.

  18. 18 Peter Wiemar

    Very good blog and thanks indeed foor leaving the blog open. Hope to read something again from you soon.

  19. 19 Paddy P,

    You look after yourself and do not worry about us you have given a lot of fun down the years and thank you for it

  20. 22 GB


  21. 23 Kerrie


    It’s been a while since I commented as I only check in every few months due to my busy schedule.

    I hope everything is going well for you?!

    I also hope that one day you will continue writing your much loved stories.

    All the best,

    Kez 😊

  22. 26 Peter black

    You had one of the best blogs on the web in this genre. I appreciate you great content.

  23. 27 John

    I hope you come back – you have a wonderful blog. Very creative and exciting!

  24. 28 Sssspank

    Who does still come here every 1-2-3 weeks just to check if something has changed? 😄

    All the best to you, Dj Black!

    • I most certainly look each week for the latest update from you, and feel I will be losing a good friend if you decide not to continue. Missing your entries already. Take care of yourself, and maybe reconsider. Lia. XX

    • I think you would be surprised just how many people DO actually come looking for your latest offerings ! Keep them coming !

  25. 31 GB

    Me too.

  26. 32 Jaguariveco

    Its like losing an old friend ! DO pop back from time to time – PLEEEEEEEASE !!!

  27. And I……..
    Missing you!
    Please come back, please!!!
    B 😥

  28. 34 Sssspank

    Happy New Year, DjBlack!
    Wherever you are…

  29. 35 Angie

    I never read a blog until I came across yours. I’ve never commented either. A little afraid I guess. I’ve only been reading for a few months, and I’ve been reading from 2015 stories and pictures, when ever I get the chance, up until when you ended in 2020. I’m glad you kept it up. I really enjoyed the stories because they are mostly males spanking females. I also enjoyed reading Indigo’s posts. Thank you for all your stories.

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