Here we go round the Mulberry Bush


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There is a 1960s movie with the same title of this post. It was filmed around where I grew up. In fact the heroine in the film cycles past our old house just after the opening credits. However, the story being full of sex and permissive society angst, I did not see the movie until I was a teenager, by which time we were living in another part of the country.

I did not return to the town until about 10 years ago for a family funeral, but it still looks the same. At the moment, like in the film, we go round and round and things never seem to change. But they do, don’t they?

We learn, we grow… even though my old town hasn’t changed, by staying the same it really has. In the 1960s it was fresh and new and represented a golden new future. Now the futuristic town centre and the smart housing upgrades of those earlier generation houses look like they are from another era. What was once the future is now the past.

Indigo and I look to new exciting directions and things are changing fast in some ways. Ironically though our bright future is grounded in the past: old sticks piled on old stones and ancient ideas looked upon refreshed.

Hope is where you find it and if you haven’t found it yet then you are probably looking in all the wrong places. It is a bit like Netflix, so many movies and shows, but you can never quite find one you want to watch, but it is out there.

The other day we were talking about old movies with spanking in them. We stumbled across one, The Halfway House, if you read that earlier post. There must be dozens from that era and later. Indigo and I love chancing upon them, but rarely does the search time throw up anything of such content. McKlintock! being an exception, but I was trying to think of others.

Some of you must be bored enough to be doing that search, have you fond any? If you have I bet you have seen it before, after looking before, the same old-same old, and yet… if it hasn’t changed, you have and there is always something fresh to see. Remember that the next time you go around the mulberry bush.


6 Responses to “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”

  1. 1 Jim Simpson

    Hi I remember that movie so well, we were the same age as the actors, just gone up to uni.
    unfortunately the sexual revolution hadn’t reached leafy Hampshire.
    The Stevie Winwood song was great and still brings back memories also the football results read out included a great win by Saints.
    Unfortunately Stevenage has seen better days, the prosperity has gone towards London or Cambridge. I live near there now.
    At that time I was aware of a vague liking for spanking, but it wasn’t until I came across a Janus on a wander around Soho in 1972 that I realised I wasn’t alone.
    I was very fortunate in that my wife and I enjoyed a happy consensual spanking sexual relationship for many years.
    Unfortunately due to ill health they are now only memories.

  2. 2 Mike

    I came across a couple which I think may now be difficult to get. Farewell my Concubine and Frank and I. I think Frank and I may also be called Lady Libertine. If you can’t get the film the book is also good read.

  3. 4 Tiredny

    DJ, this forum thread form LSF has 5 pages of posts about spanking in movies. Many of the old movies referenced can be found on YouTube, so you can actually see the “good parts”.

    Happy hunting…


  4. 5 ArtieKat

    I remember sneaking in to see Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush when it first came out: I was 15 and X-films were then 16+. I had a massive crush on Judy Geeson in my mid-teens – interesting that she flashed her boobs in practically every one of her films, but never her bush!

    I was watching “Women In Love” on late-night TV recently and googled the actress who played Laura Crich, drowned with her new husband. Sharon Gurney also had some nudity in a film called Crucible Of Horror where she gets beaten by her strict father. Most of the action is, sadly, off camera.

    Frank and I, referred to by Mike above, was one I came across accidentally on satellite TV in the early 90s. It’s readily available on x-hamster to stream for free!

  5. 6 DJ

    All tame stuff by today’s standards (seriously an X film – it could be shown on a Sunday afternoon now) but yes I remember those days – …

    There is no spanking in Mulberry Bush btw (just one nude scene as I recall)

    tomorrow I will publish a list of Hollywood movies with spankings in them. 🙂


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