Ad Astra Chapter 5: New Kid on the Block


Corner time

Our story started here.

The Ad Astra hung in space like a fly suspended in amber. If anyone had been standing on the outer hull, the stars would have seemed so close to them that they might have reached out and touched them. To even mortal eyes, which could only perceive a fraction of the light streamed at them, the sharp coloured nebulas would have looked like a glimpse into heaven, bathing the ship in a soft golden light.

The second jump point was behind them now and any thoughts of returning to Little Sister had receded like distant star that served as its local sun.

Luna Price would once have strode onto a red carpet like she owned it and the city it was wrapped in, but today it was with small hesitant steps that she crept into the common room as fearful anyone would notice her.

“Captain Dane told me you would be joining us,” Dale said without looking up from her breakfast. “Get some food and then come and meet the rest of the crew.”

Dale glanced around and noticed that apart from Gail, only Jen and Tammy were present. “Well those who are here anyway,” she added.

“I’ve met the captain and that robot already,” Luna said with barely disguised scorn, “Who else is there?”

“There’s Michelin Hollister our second mate,” Dale said, not sure that she liked the girl’s attitude. After all it was her home that this former socialite had invaded. The girl hadn’t been invited.

Luna nodded thoughtfully and moved towards the food counter.

“What can I get you?” Gail said brightly, getting up.

“What is this?” Luna said with a grimace holding up a spoon that had been dipped in some oily grey-white goo.

“Porridge,” Gail said with a shrug. “It’s made from synth-oats.”

“Oh yuk,” Luna replied, pulling a face. “Don’t you have anything else?”

“Well,” Gail begun, rather disheartened and wondered if she could offer some cold pie.

“No,” Dale chipped in, giving the new girl her full attention now. “We are fresh out of caviar and beef-steak.”

“Ooh-ee, who eats caviar and beef for breakfast,” Luna turned her nose up and glanced at the oats in utter disgust.

“Not us and not you on this ship,” Dale said sharply.

“I think I’ll pass,” Luna said, tossing the spoon back into the glop.

“Get some and eat it,” Dale snapped.

Luna rounded on her ready to yell back, but then she remembered the spanking she had had at the captain’s hands. The look on Dale’s face did not bode well. Grudgingly she turned back to the food counter and poked at the spoon. Somewhere something went clang and a light flickered. Luna looked about her as if praying she was somewhere else, but the dull metallic smell of the ship and the cold hard walls of the common room refused to cooperate.

Dale and Gail were still watching her, while beyond them sat Jen and Tammy in a huddle sniggering together. Only in Gail’s face did she find a hint of sympathy.

“I could…” Gail began.

“She’ll eat the porridge,” Dale said firmly.

“Fine,” Luna said, rolling her eyes up as she grabbed the spoon and ladled two dollops into her bowl.

Luna made her way to the table where the others were sitting but sat as far away from them as she could. The porridge stared up at her from the bottom of the bowl and looked just about the least appetising thing she had ever seen.

“Eat it,” Dale hissed.

Luna prodded at it with a spoon and managed to chase some onto it. Then she put it near her mouth.

“You know, I am really not that hungry,” she said casting the spoon back into the bowl.

Dale stood up and walked over to the food counter. She helped herself to two more great heaps of porridge and brought them over. Then she carefully scrapped it into Luna’s bowl.

“Eat it,” she insisted. “Or shall I get some more?”

Luna sucked in her breath through her nose and made another attempt. If she showed willing, then maybe she could dispose of most of it. She pressed the spoon to her mouth and nibbled at it.

It might not have been so bad, but by now it was cold and somewhat congealed. Luna fancied it was a little chewy.

“Take a bigger bite,” Dale growled; the first mate was standing over her now.

Luna took half a bite before making a face like she was being forced fed raw lemons, which under the circumstances she might have preferred.

“Welcome to the crew Miss Fancy-pants,” Dale said folding her arms. “Now finish it.”

Luna struggled on for three more bites until she realised that most of it would have gone by now if she had only just eaten what she had first taken. The thought angered her. It just wasn’t fair.

“Leave me alone,” Luna wailed as she grabbed the bowl and hurled it across the room.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” Dale said in a tone of mock disappointment.

Behind her Gail cringed and the two younger women at the table broke into open giggles.

“What’s going on?” A deep voice cut across the room.

Luna wheeled with a start to be confronted with the terrifying spectre of the captain.

“Nothing captain, I am just putting this snotty little brat in her place,” Dale said firmly.

Dane’s eyes narrowed. He knew hazing when he saw it and his first mate should know better. It seemed that the stowaway was not the only one who needed putting in her place.

“Who threw that?” Dane growled, although he knew perfectly well what had happened.

“I-I…” Luna muttered, unable to get the words out.

“Pick it up,” Dane snapped, “Before I make you eat it.”

“I was about to teach this little brat a lesson,” Dale said sounding irritated. The crew was her preserve.

“I know how to handle spoilt little snits, don’t I Tammy,” Dane said pointedly in the direction of the two girls still sniggering at the table.

The giggling stopped abruptly and Tammy blushed to her ears.

By now Luna had hastily got up and crossed the room to scrape up the mess. She moved awkwardly as if her arms and legs were strangers, her shoulders hunched up as her arms dangled as if at a loss as she walked.

It was humiliating to back down so readily and getting onto her hands and knees to clean up goo was beneath her. Worse still, there was no option but to scoop up the sickening mess with her hands and she gagged a little as the gunk slithered over her fingers.

“Alright, don’t take all day, put what you have into the dispenser and leave the rest or we’ll be here all year,” Gail said impatiently; such a fuss and in her galley.

“Cadet Price, come here,” Dane hissed.

Luna scurried over to him before she had time to consider even a small show of rebellion.

“Do you know what happens to mutineers on my ship?” Dane’s face suddenly pressed down into Luna’s own with menace etched into every line and jowl. The effect was particularly effective as Dane’s prosthetic eye seemed to glow red. Then with no answer forthcoming, Dane bellowed, “I put them out the airlock.”

Luna jumped and went white.

“Alright, get your coveralls down and bend over that table,” Dane said wearily, his hands working the clasp on his belt.

“Wh-what?” Luna’s eyes went wide and she looked around nervously at the others.

“Get your bare arse across that table,” Dane spat as if he couldn’t quite believe he hadn’t been obeyed already.

Luna didn’t need telling a third time and her arms seemed to move of their own volition as they shucked down the suit until she was stripped to the knees apart from a singlet and scanties.

Dane had already folded his belt in two and moved as if to stand where he expected her to bend and Luna half-turned to face him with her coveralls at her knees. She was unable to quite take in what was happening and looked from the glowering Dale to the two wide-eyed smirk-supressed girls at the table.

The only sound in the common room was the sudden bustle of activity over in the galley where Gail was studiously applying all her attention to her work.

Dane studied the terrified new recruit who now stood like a shivering puppy and twice as lost. She reminded him of Tammy after her father had died. It must be tough on the kid, he thought.

“Go on, go over, bottom out girl,” He said, almost gently now.

Luna bent forward with her elbows on the table, blushing profusely at her unwelcome audience. Then she felt her clinging undershorts dragged down in one deft motion so that they landed at her knees over her bunched-up ship suit. A small gasp escaped her throat. This wasn’t happening.

With quick and unfussy efficiency, the belt landed across both her naked nether-cheeks with a sharp tang that extracted a squeak from the unprepared Luna. In wide-eyed distress, she cast a glance to her left at Tammy and Jen. Jen was smirking openly now, but Tammy was chewing her lip as remembering the last time she was in a similar position.

The belt seared her bottom with a dozen efficient strokes until Luna was breathing audibly.

“Alright, you’re done. Now report to work,” Dane growled.

Luna clung to the table for a few moments more as the burn grew at her tail end and threatened to overwhelm her. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth, determined not to cry in front of the girls and it took several moments to get a hold on herself. Then thoroughly humbled and decidedly meeker, Luna unsteadily gained her feet and eased her clothing over her throbbing red bottom as Jen a Tammy looked on laughing.

“Hanson, a word if you will,” Dane said under his breath to Dale as he replaced his belt. Then he strode from the room without waiting to see if his first mate was following.

Dale narrowed her eyes and fixed them on the captain’s retreating back before striding after him.

Dane was waiting for her just beyond the hatchway out of earshot of the others.

“I expect you to keep discipline, not instigate a rebellion by bullying the crew,” he said fixing her with the same eyes he had used on Luna. “If you can’t set a better example than that, then you’ll get some of what she had. Do you understand?”

Dale blushed and swallowed. How dare he speak to her like that? She nearly spat in his eye. Instead she said, “Yes Sir.”

“I hope you do. I don’t make idle threats.” With that Dane went back into the common room for whatever reason he had to go there in the first place.

As Dane walked in again Tammy looked up and tried to catch his eye. She had mixed feelings about the confrontation between Dane and Luna. It wasn’t that she liked the captain’s belt across her behind, but she knew where she was with him and having his personal attention felt like belonging. It was nearest thing she had to a father and after a good licking, she always felt a warm tickling feeling inside long after the hot stinging feeling in her bottom had subsided.

“The little shit. How dare she stir things up between mother and the captain?” Jen’s indignation sounded real enough. “And all over a simple thing like breakfast; the spoilt brat, I have a good mind to…”

Jen’s words chimed with Tammy’s own thoughts and let her forget her jealousy for a moment.

“Maybe we should get even and really show her,” Tammy suggested.

“Now you’re talking girl,” Jen said with an evil grin. “What did you have in mind?”

“Doesn’t like the porridge does she? Well let’s show her how bad it can get,” Tammy said, her grin matching Jen’s.


The next day before breakfast Luna waited until Jen and Tammy had emerged giggling from the shower before she ventured out of her cubical. Then she slipped out and padded naked across the deck to the vacant showers. A mottled red stain still grazed her bare bottom, evidence of her run-in with the captain the day before; a conflict that had caused her to sleep on her tummy that night.

Jen and Tammy watched as she hurried to the showers, exchanging grins at the girl’s red bottom, their plans well formed in their heads.

Once Luna was fully engaged in her ablutions, both girls tumbled giggling from their shared crew room and all but ran to the common room.

“You distract Gail and I’ll do the dirty,” Tammy whispered.

Then while Tammy served Jen and herself two bowls of porridge, Jen sidled over to Gail and asked about the rest of that week’s menu.

“Any chance of grillard sometime this week?” Jen ventured. It was the best she could come up with without arousing suspicion.

Gail frowned and looked back at the galley as if considering.

“Maybe, I don’t know, why?” Gail said, somewhat puzzled.

“Oh, I just wondered, you know, I thought it would make a change,” Jen said casually.

Behind he over by the breakfast buffet Tammy glanced over her shoulder before stirring the porridge, which was strange as she had already taken the two bowls.

“I’ll think about it,” Gail said turning back to a pie she was preparing for lunch.

Jen stole a glance at Tammy who nodded and then went to join her for breakfast.

“What did you do?” Jen whispered. “That didn’t look like salt.”

“You’ll see,” Tammy hissed back.

Just then Luna entered the room and made her way over to the porridge. She didn’t dare ask for an alternative or not take a serving, but nonetheless she took about as small a portion as she could get away with.

She had got as far as sitting down and prodding at the grey mess when Dale entered the room. Luna blushed and without hesitation began to eat.

“How’s your porridge this morning?” Dale asked the rather sullen Luna.

“It’s…” Luna began, but her jaw stopped in mid chew and a strange look came over her face.

For a moment longer she struggled to decide if the grey goo had really been that bad the day before, then seeing Dale watching her, she swallowed.

Satisfied Dale turned to the large tray of unserved porridge and heaped two ladlefuls into a bowl.

“Eh… Ma’am maybe…” Tammy began, trying to get Dale’s attention.

“Oh you didn’t?” Jen said, a look of horror marring her features.

Dale stopped and sniffed the bowl before tasting a little.

“What the…?” She said, staring in disbelief into the bowl.

Just then Luna made a croaking sound and stood up.

“Oh shit,” she managed, before heaving up her breakfast all over the deck.

Jen clapped her hand to her mouth to stifle a smirk while Tammy broke into open guffaws of laughter. Luna responded by vomiting yet more porridge onto the deck.

“Caustic bio-soap,” Dale said, rolling her eyes up. “Is this supposed to be funny?”

Jen shrugged and looked at Tammy, who still couldn’t stop falling about laughing.

“Well let’s see how funny you think this is,” Dale growled. “Jen you can clean that mess up for your part in this… prank and you Cadet Win, can report to the woodshed at once.”

Tammy’s laughter died and she threw an accusing look back at Dale.

Dale felt a little uneasy, realising that Tammy had only taken a cue from her bullying the day before. Damn the man, he was right. But what could she do about it now? So instead she snapped, “Don’t eyeball me, get down to the brig. I’ll join you presently.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Tammy said sullenly as she got up and made to leave.

“Oh and Cadet Win,” Dale called after her, “I want to find you with your trews at half-mast and your nose against the bulkhead when I arrive.”

Tammy scowled and flushed red. She looked hatefully over at Luna, but the girl was too lost in retching to enjoy Tammy’s comeuppance.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tammy said through a clenched jaw.

As soon as Tammy had left dale turned on Jen.

“I know you had something to do with this, but even you wouldn’t go this far, or so I hope,” Dale said sharply taking hold of Jen’s upper arm to make sure she had her attention, “But If I find out differently or there are any more pranks centred on cadet Price… well you and me are going to have words over and above any ship’s punishment you may get. Do you hear me young lady?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Jen said, averting her eyes.


Tammy knew the drill and as soon as she entered the woodshed she worked the zip on her ship suit and shucked it down so that she could step out of it. The idea that her punishment was an inevitable consequence of her prank had only partial permeated her brain. If she did but realise it, part of her had expected a good hiding and had been prepared to pay that price, only in the back of her mind it had been Dane that would be wielding the strap. Now that she was confronted with reality of chastisement at Dale’s hands, she was furious.

As it was, the embarrassing submission came as second nature to her. Dane had trained her well enough for that. Welts and blisters from his strap had left unable to sit down for days on end ever since the early days. If he had been dishing it out now her resentment if any, would have been diminishingly small. But it wasn’t the captain who would be doing the honours today, she thought bitterly.

“That bitch Luna Price,” Tammy rasped into the wall which was now centimetres from her nose.

Somewhere beyond the brig hatch Tammy heard a clank of boots on metal. It seems Dale was wasting no time, she thought, even as she quietly hoped it would be Dane. Then the door opened.

“Is that how you were trained?” It was Dale’s voice.

“Ma’am?” Tammy didn’t turn without orders, but she was genuinely puzzled.

“Your spankies there; they should be off,” Dale said sharply.

“My what?” Tammy peered back at the first mate over her shoulder and tried to find her eyes, wondering if she was being joshed.

“Your shorts,” Dale said impatiently. “In future I want to see your bare bottom waiting for its lacing, you get me?”

“Ma’am,” Tammy said with a pout as she stooped to step out of her brief undershorts. Dane usually spared her that indignity, she thought bitterly.

“Alright, alright, I’ll overlook it this time. Let’s get your tight little behind over the padded bar,” Dale said wearily.

Tammy eyed the trestle in the corner and crinkled up her nose. This was way too formal, she thought ruefully. Dane usually just handled like a normal domestic affair.

“Move it, if you don’t want extras.”

Tammy marched ironically across the brig and flopped over the bar as if to say, ‘fine.’

Dale watched as the girl half-marched and half-flounced over to the punishment frame and bent over it to offer her small round bottom. Then without dwelling on the obscene display, Dale pushed everything but duty from her mind as she took up the short heavy paddle-strap from the wall.

“I think you have got too used to Dane’s belt. Let’s see how you handle this,” Dale murmured as she blasted the synth-leather paddle down hard onto Tammy’s bottom.

The grunted at its impact and then after a short pause said, “Ooh ah,” and wagged her rapidly pinkening tail quickly back and forth.

“You feel that don’t you?” Dale breathed, allowing satisfaction creep into her voice.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tammy said with a wide-eyed respect.

Dale spanked again only harder and then again at intervals of three breaths. The pace didn’t allow the cadet to get her breath and had within a few moments she was panting hard. The dark pink of her bottom showed myriad goosebumps and quickly began to redden on her pale flesh.

“Do you think you can refrain from poisoning our food again, eh?” Dale asked archly.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tammy croaked as she blinked back some tears. The woman was good.

“Wonder…” Dale swatted Tammy’s bottom again hard. “…full.” And then again.

“I… trust… you’ll… remem… ber… this!” Dale punctuated each word with a heavy swat.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tammy yelped, but her voice was dripping with awe and respect even as the small tears that followed the words rolled down her cheeks and off the tip of her nose.

“Good,” Dale said finally as she put the paddle aside. “Mark me; that was just a standard tail warming. Don’t cross me again.”

“No Ma’am,” Tammy sniffed as she got to her feet furiously rubbing her stinging behind.


Jen was running a diagnostic on a back-up air-cycler when Tammy emerged from the hatch. She could see at once that Tammy had been crying and from the stiff-legged way that she was walking, Jen knew that her mother hadn’t cut the hapless cadet any slack.

“How was it?” She asked.

“Your mum is strict,” Tammy said with a wince, her hands stealing to her bottom. “But I guess I had it coming.”

Jen nodded and offered up a sympathetic smile.

“No it’s that spoilt bitch Luna Price I blame, if she had only just…” Tammy broke off with a curse.

Jen frowned. She wasn’t sure that Luna had done anything to Tammy, although spoilt bitch was about right.

“Just wait until I get even with her,” Tammy continued.

“Look I don’t think…” Jen remonstrated, remembering her mother’s words.

“Oh come on, you know she deserves it.” Tammy said eagerly.

“I suppose but… don’t you think…” Jen shot a glance at Tammy’s rear end, “…discretion might not be the better part and all that?”

“So we might get a few licks of the belt if we get caught, so what. Don’t get caught I say.” Tammy winked.

“Erm,” Jen replied, pursing her lips.

Then Tammy snapped her fingers and said brightly, “Say, I have an idea. You in?”

Jen baulked, her mouth hanging open.

“Sure you are. Listen up,” Tammy said under her breath and drawing closer.

Jen winced and then shrugged, rolling her eyes up. This wasn’t going to end well, was her last sensible thought as Tammy outlined her plan.


Luna had been told to help Jen and Tammy, but not knowing her way around the ship she hadn’t been able to find them. Not that she minded too much. She doubted that they did.

Then she got a signal on the intercom.

“Where are you Price? Get your arse down here.” It was Tammy’s voice.

Shit, she thought, and then pressing the response button, she said, “Where exactly? I mean… eh… how do I get to you?”

“The lift behind you dummy,” Tammy sneered.

Luna looked around and saw two hatches facing her. One was the service lift she distinctly remembered Dale telling her not use by herself, the other was circular hatch etched in red.

“Okay, maybe that’s it,” she sighed, “Can’t hurt to try it.”

At first she could see no obvious operating mechanism or any way to open the hatch. Then she saw the flip-plate. Underneath the metal flap was a beefy lift-and-turn handle.

“What a piece of junk. What’s wrong with a button?” Luna rolled her eyes up and yank on the handle.

All hell broke loose. The claxon was deafening and Luna took about three jumps backwards.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” Luna scrabbled at the hatch desperate to undo whatever she had done.

The handle she had pulled was stuck and wouldn’t go back. Next to it was a big flashing red button and then the robot voice started up.

“Hatch failure, hatch failure, hatch failure; reset to abort or use emergency override.”

“Override, yeah,” Luna gasped pressing the red button.

There was a metallic groan and the hatch seemed to turn of its own volition, but the claxon continued to scream at her.

“No, no, shut up and stop doing that,” Luna wailed as she hammered impotently on the hatch.

The hiss was unnerving and it was her only warning before the hatch explosively lunged at her, sending her crashing back against the bulkhead.


Everything was black and a long way off. Somewhere there was a dull ringing sound. Then as the tinnitus died, dark gave way to grey and Luna blinked herself awake.

“Easy, you’ll be okay.” It was Gail’s voice.

The cook turned medic was crouching over her with concern creased at the corners of her eyes; beyond her stood Captain Dane with a face like thunder.

Gail turned to Dane and nodded.

“Can you tell me why the tertiary escape hatch blew?” Dane’s voice was neutral as if holding his rage in check.

“Uh,” Luna blinked again and scratched her head, “The what?”

“The big red round door.” Dane spoke as if to an idiot, which in a sense he was.

“Ah… ooh,” Luna’s attempt at speaking ended with her clutching at her head.

“Did you open it?” Again Dane spoke slowly and clearly.

Luna nodded. “I thought it was the other elevator. I knew I wasn’t supposed to use the…”

“Who the hell told you to get in the lift?” Dane growled.

Just then Dale entered the sick bay and gave a small cough.

“Hanson,” Dane sighed without turning around. “You have something to say?”

Dale pursed her lips and nodded in the direction of Jen and Tammy standing at attention outside the room.

“We… that is…” Jen gulped.

“I kind of… well…” Tammy cut in.

“We rigged the elevator,” Jen said sheepishly. “How the hell were we to know that she would be too dumb to even use it and open the….”

“You what?” Dane bellowed.

“It was just a joke,” Tammy said hastily, whininess creeping into her voice. “We just boosted the servos on the lift and set it to miss out the stops until it reached the bottom. But the stupid bitch went and mistook the tertiary escape hatch for the…”

“The damn lift is not supposed to be used in transit except for emergencies,” Dane rasped, “Even the rookie was not too dumb to remember that.”

“I’m sorry; I did try to stop it but…” Luna interjected.

“Shut the foo-bar up,” Dane snapped out of the side of his mouth, “As soon as the doc gives the all clear you’ll be running ship safety routines until you’re dizzy. I have a good mind to skin your tail raw very way from Sunday.”

Luna quailed and began chewing her lip.

“As for you two,” Dane fixed all his baleful attention on Tammy and Jen, “Get to the brig and stay there until I have time to deal with you. You might just be standing up all the way to Rigel.”

As the girls fled for the temporary sanctuary of the woodshed, Dane fixed Dale with a silent reproach and then marched himself out of the sick bay.

“She going to be alright?” Dale asked Gail once the captain had left.

“Sure,” Gail said reassuringly, adding a smile for Luna’s benefit, “I just want to keep her here for a while just in case.”

Dale nodded and then pulled a face; sharing her screw-up with Gail.

“I’ll kill her,” she muttered before she too left the room.

“Don’t sweat it,” Gail said to Luna, “No real harm done. It will blow over.”

“Just like the darn hatch thing.” Luna pulled a sad face and chewed at the light sheet she had been covered with.

Gail snorted in acknowledgement at the weak joke.

“They’re all mad with me aren’t they?” Luna said in a small voice.

“Captain’s always mad at everyone, it’s his job. Dale’s too come to that. As for Tammy and Jen, well I think they have other things to worry about just now.”

“Will they get spanked?” Luna lisped.

“Oh and then some I would imagine,” Gail chuckled.

“Then they are going to hate me even more,” Luna groaned.

“They’ll come around. Hazing the newbie kind of goes with the territory, but you can bet they won’t mess with you again for a while.”

“You are all so casual about getting spanked. I wasn’t spanked at all until I came on board. Were you?”

Gail laughed out loud and grinned.

“It’s pretty much an occupational hazard for a girl growing up on Little Sister,” Gail said ruefully. “I was a commune brat. I shared a dorm with 19 half-sisters and about a zillion cousins.”

“Half-sisters?” Luna’s eyes were wide.

“Well that’s what I called them. Not all of them were full blood kin, but my father had four wives and not a few bastards. He took in a whole parcel of other kids just because we needed the workers and because they might have been his.”

“Did you have anyone else?” Luna asked, suddenly fascinated.

Gail shrugged and began putting the medicines away.

“It must have been great growing up with all those kids. A million miles from where we lived,” Luna said seriously, considering for the first time in her life how the other half got by.

“Like I said, the leather and the switch were pretty much an occupational hazard. One girl caused a ruckus and the whole dorm got it. You can imagine how often that was,” Gail said rolling her eyes up. “I got two older brothers somewhere, but they let out when I was young. I don’t think Mom gave a stuff about me. Pa cared more, but I was one of… well I don’t know how many in all. The Ad Astra with Dale and Jen is the first real home I have ever had.”

Luna frowned. Her own home had never been home to her, not really she thought. If it had been, it would have taken more than being reined in and threatened with a spanking or two for her to have run away.

“How old were you when you left?” Luna asked, by now totally captivated.

“Near 26,” Gail said quietly. “I wanted to study medicine. I remember the day I told Pa. Some of the girls had been caught with boys behind the tractor shed. The First Wife said we were all in on it and just hadn’t got caught. The whole lot of us were stripped and swiped across our bare bottoms right there on the porch. I mean one after the other until there was one great big line of welted behinds. Man, what a sight; twenty women with big red bottoms in a line hanging in the breeze. We had to stand with noses pressed against the main house wall on the porch for hours after. Shivering cold with hot bottoms, I mean that’s no fun.”

Luna giggled and Gail joined her.

“What about being a doctor?” Luna pressed her.

“Well once we were released from choky, I went to see Pa. I was sick of that shit, as you can imagine.” Gail had a faraway look in her eye as she spoke. “He looked me right in the eye and said no daughter of his was going to college. Then took his belt to my sore backside right there, man I couldn’t sit down for a week.”

Luna giggled again. “Was that the last time you were… punished?”

Gail blushed and looked away. “Almost the last time on the commune,” she said evasively.

“Since then?” Luna sensed a story.

“Not so long,” Gail blushed even more, “Dale runs a tight ship and there are other times…”

Luna couldn’t smile for gaping. Then both women laughed again.

To be continued

6 Responses to “Ad Astra Chapter 5: New Kid on the Block”

  1. 1 paul1510

    S/f and spanking, the very best spanking cocktail. 😀
    As I have said before.

    • 2 DJ

      Yes you have – thanks

      I hope the story is developing in a satisfactory direction for you.

      DJ 😉

  2. 3 jenny29

    Awesome story as usual……can’t wait to see-or read- what’s in store for tammy and especially for jen….thk u for the great work DJ…..

  3. It’s always a treat to see you get back to the long form series. This story required a lot of set up, and watching things develop makes it all that much more worth it. Great job, DJ.

  4. 6 DJ

    Thanks Jenny 🙂

    Yes Patron – the serial has a different feel and is ultimately less predictable.

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