The Real DD Deal


Real DDThis spanking life is hard and I don’t just mean on bottoms. Being in charge when things go wrong must be like being captain of a ship that has sprung a leak. Hopefully you shouldn’t sink but it is worrying all the same. This is worse for the lady who is looking to you for guidance; sometimes just saying everything will be okay is just not enough.

I love my wife and I work hard at our relationship, but sometimes not hard enough, and sometimes I don’t work smart. I am not usually given to these personal insights but today it seemed so disingenuous just to write something fluffy. Tough week, mostly outside stuff, but it puts a strain on things and shows up the cracks that need mending.

One of those paddle shaped trowel things is good for plastering. I wonder what else they can be used for.

Before I bring everyone down let’s indulge in some good old fashioned schadenfreude and look how other people have handled it.

Circa 1970 Betty J wrote to Forum magazine in a feature called most embarrassing experiences.

“As a teen I was given to tantrums, a habit that carried on into my 20s. When I finally met the man of my dreams, so to speak, I nearly messed everything up with one of my irrational outbursts. Safe to say Geoffrey took no nonsense from me and in the dunes at West Wittering he put me across his knee, lowered my shorts and spanked my bare bottom tomato red until I howled apologies and then some. He warned me then that any nonsense from me, ever, and I would get the same and he didn’t care who knew it.”

“So it was that after we married whenever I created or overspent, certainly if I had a tantrum, Geoffrey would take me in hand and spank my bottom silly and put me in my place. I didn’t particularly like it, but it worked for us and, so I thought, must work for everyone.”

“About seven years into our marriage, now with two kids, I went to the new shopping centre with some girlfriends and in the multi-storey carpark I managed to dent the car. I was about 30 at the time but at home I was still going across Geoffrey’s knee on a regular basis and then I would cry and we would kiss and make up. I had got so used to it by then (as far as anyone ever does) that I happened to blurt out to my friends that ‘when Geoff sees the car I am so not going to able to sit down for the rest of the week.’”

“It all went a bit quiet and then Gillian, a friend from school, asked what did I mean? So realising what I had said I came clean and said, ‘you know, I am so going to get a spanking.’”

“The reactions were initially of shock but then Gillian burst out laughing. I was teased about it for months. I can’t believe that until then I thought all wives got spankings.”

Emily S had another story.

Writing at FemFirst she related this tale:

“I trained as a barrister and as far as I was concerned I was the best. I got cases easily and it never occurred to me that some of my senior colleagues prioritised me for any ulterior motives. Consequently I was never short of a date and if I was too busy to turn up then so what, they would either forgive me or I would get someone else.”

“I didn’t really have time for men and mostly I went out with well-heeled disposable types, boring, but if they picked up the tab I might sleep with them, or not. I was so unhappy.”

“Tom was different. He was a bit nervous and bumbling and although he paid like a gentleman, he didn’t exactly take me to expensive places. But four or five dates in I realised that I was relaxed with him and he made me laugh. Mostly I was relaxed because I absolutely knew it was going nowhere.”

“Then my career started getting strained and I had a nasty run in with a judge which ended with me hauled in before the senior partner for an official warning. Actually it probably wasn’t that big a deal but I wasn’t used to losing or being criticised. Anyway I took it out on Tom by being a bitch to him all night and went as far as to take him home hinting that me might have sex for the first time expressly to shatter his hopes. My attitude was ‘who did he think he was, he was totally out of his league.’”

“Tom took my put down well; he was amused and said ‘tell me something I didn’t know.’ I came back with ‘no you tell me.’ It was really childish, but I was genuinely impressed with his sang froid at this point. He came back with, ‘you are such a brat, if I could be bothered I would take you down a peg.’”

“I responded with the usual ‘big talk’ or ‘you haven’t the balls,’ my best sneer before dumping a bloke was pretty good. We were sitting on a sofa next to each other at this point only a second later I was across his lap getting swats on my bottom. I was totally surprised and after some choice language I began to plead and I even said sorry. He dumped me, literally, on the floor and got up to leave.”

“I was confused and I think for the first time I had got a real reaction from someone so I asked him to stay. I was so miserable about work and my life. He told me to get stuffed until I offered to let him into my knickers. He just said, ‘the only reason I would take you knickers down would be to give you more of the same.’”

“I said something like: if that’s what you want.”

“I was so spanked, and spanked. My bottom was so sore. The sex was amazing and afterwards he spanked me again. I didn’t hear from him for days and for the first time in my life I called him. He told me I was bad news and I promised to behave. He said he would give me a chance but if I gave him a reason I knew what I would get.”

“I gave him many, many reasons, both then and since. Years ago now but my husband Tom still spanks me, I don’t always like it, but serves me right. So in response to CathT above, you are right women need to stand up for themselves against some men, but also be confident enough to surrender. I know some here will be offended by this story, but I am much happier now.”

3 Responses to “The Real DD Deal”

  1. Loved reading this!

  2. 3 MrJ

    Great story – and great morale on normalty.

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