Following the Crowd


crowdAs forewarned I have been a little busy this week and I haven’t had chance to finish the next installment of the Wolf. Fear not there is some progress there and elsewhere. Meanwhile I thought I would take this opportunity to thank everyone who ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ this blog.

I saw on an unrelated forum that people were arguing that they had unfollowed someone because they had been so rude as to not follow back.

This got me thinking about one of the messages I got about that invited me to follow the person who just followed me and out of curiosity I clicked the link to look at their blog only to find a profile and no blog. No worries, I get it, he had an account to use other functions. However I am not sure I would have followed back if he had had a site.

I know these are the new values of the 21st century and etiquette increasingly promotes the idea that if you follow some they will follow you, so apologies if I sound like old-fashioned git here or a grumpy old man. But I get enough email and notifications, I don’t find this useful. As for likes, I really appreciate it too, but I don’t judge this blogs success by likes and I don’t judge other people by the number of likes they get.

I do often look at the people who like and follow if they have a blog and that is useful, but ultimately random and obviously many people will get missed.

Around 5,000 people look at A Voice in the Corner every day and I do notice and appreciate that. Thank you one and all, that is incredible given that we only came back in August, that is halfway to the heyday of two years ago.

If you are trying to build traffic to collect likes and followers for your own project then why not comment and include your url in the form. You can bet your life that I will click on that and if your site is on topic and regularly updated then you may even get a permanent link.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone (I am excellent at that apparently) and once again thank you for all your comments, likes and following, but above coming here in the first place.


2 Responses to “Following the Crowd”

  1. 1 minellesbreath

    Hi, I always get your emails so I am not sure I am a follower or just get your posts via email……
    Love reading here and wait with baited breath for the new addition of In the Service of the wolf…..Hope I said title correctly? If not I love it and can’t wait for more.
    I do have a blog but cannot always post regularly. Feel free to look when you have time. I post drawings of spankings.

  2. 2 DJ

    Hi and thanks Minelle

    I have created a link to your blog on the right 🙂

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