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The prurient interest in flagellation and the cloistered nuns goes back as far as the Sisters of Vespa in pagan Rome. Medieval engravings depict myriad floggings of nuns, by nuns and not always in the context of suppressed erotica. If the images above are anything to go then nothing much has changed. Flagellation was thought […]

Nun such thing


I saw the pictures above and remembered a girl I went to night school with. There was an article in the newspapers about the local convent school six form college and the fact that they still bought canes. The chief nun was quoted as saying something like: “We don’t really use corporal punishment anymore, we […]

Sister Mercy, her jaw set tight, was wringing her hands. Before her the young novice Maria was naked and kneeling at the block while Sub-Prioress Augusta laced her upturned bare bottom with a long thin switch. The once smooth rounds of the errant girl were now rilled and purple red with welts as she gasped […]

Not sure where to begin with this snippet. I suppose it could be called a reverse startle. It was culled from a vanilla online magazine some time ago. Two young women were overheard talking in the cafeteria queue in Catholic community college. One said to the other, “God, I really hate penguins.” “Oh tell me […]

One former inmate of a monastery once told how he got out of the daily ritual of the scourging by claiming he enjoyed it. It was the beginning if his disillusionment with cloistered life and unsurprisingly he moved on. Another story, which may be apocryphal, has a former nun trying to pull the same wheeze […]

Tania tugged at the hem of her skirt as she waited at the front gate of the school. At five feet two, nothing seemed to look elegant on her, not even the designer red travel-dress ensemble that she had picked out to wear home. Her blonde untamed shoulder-length hair, just added to the general look […]

“Although my daughter is of age, she is yet young and sometimes a little wilful my liege,” Lord Vosper said, concern edging his voice. “You think me too old for her?” King Vader said thoughtfully. “Oh no my liege, the honour you propose for our family is beyond measure, but I fear she is perhaps […]

As mentioned in an earlier post a reader to this blog (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent a mixed bag of old cuttings and pictures from his collection. So many thanks to him. Not all of them are suitable for publication for various reasons, for instance there are some pictures of real punishments in progress […]

A few months back this post was found on one of the boards. It had been hoped that more might have been forthcoming about this, but it had evidentially been posted in 2001 and that particular board is now gone.   “I had always been fascinated by corporal punishment, so when at the age of […]