C1 Pandora redroom_illustration_libertyantoniasadler_metroC1 out and about1C window1C trioFirst of all a big thank you to all of those who commented for Love Our Lurker’s Day on Friday. I know many of you commented for the first time and that took a lot of brave.

I have a tough week so posts here are going to be patchy. In the Service of the Wolf is pending and we will have more Prussians and perhaps a return to Abraham Heights.

Pandora has drawn our attention to a great article that she contributed to entitled ‘What the BDSM Community can teach us about Consent.’ Pandora is quoted in the article as saying ‘This idea that consent is a contract is really pernicious,’ Blake says. ‘Consent is revocable and ongoing, and being encouraged to change your mind is necessary for consent. By saying you’ve changed your mind, you’re helping your partner respect your boundaries.’ You can read more here.

C! Dallas amber_sec_11

There are a couple of contributions from Dallas, if you want to check out his latest offerings, a nice picture found on Ronnie Soul , the cartoon was on Stan’s blog.

C1 stan laidoupas

C1 Ronnie spankBW_by the book

A few others I found knocking around.


2 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 MrJ

    Very encouraging, and societally useful, that Pandora could bring the message and associate image of the community to Metro

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