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Vintage Sunday


Vintage Sunday


Vintage Sunday


Why Not?


Still playing catch up here. Vintage Sunday tomorrow. Not sure where this picture is from or who took it or why? But I thought it might brighten your day.

Vintage Sunday


Apologies for the late appearance of this feature last week.

Vintage Sunday


It was hard to say where it had begun. For hours she had been hurled headlong between sleep and waking; a kind of dream state haunted by long tunnels and people in white coats leering at her through small openings in her cell door. “You are going to get such a spanking,” he said in […]

Summer Fun


I expect you get the reference. It is a paradoy of an old sun lotion advert.

Hopefully there will be a round-up tomorrow as the view looks rather like this today.

Something hot


Time just runs away from us sometime and is suddenly in short supply. Given the sudden arrival of summer more than two weeks early (it’s 28c here in London) everything feels like it has slowed down and all you want to do go down the pub. Just in time improvements are being made in the […]