Vintage Sunday


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4 Responses to “Vintage Sunday”

  1. 1 bob

    I really enjoy the old photos of women with plump round natural bottoms- no chemical injections needed.!! Real women.

  2. 3 N. A. O.

    As always a terrific vintage Sunday post. I have not commented on your site much but I do appreciate your excellent work/talent . I have often commented on the LSF Site so I decided it was time to comment here as well. I am most drawn to your f/f work like The Sinclair’s Method and also the mixed experiences of Abraham Heights. You mentioned that there might be more of Abraham Heights soon and I look forward to that. Your creation of the cautious but exceptional relationship between Mrs. Marin & Dr. Warren is beautifully done. Obviously both women have a clear need for each other – adult to adult with wonderful
    erotic tension. Also the approach / Avoidance felt by Dr. Warren is palpable . I also like the added
    component of the cafe where Dr Warren goes and the young waitress watches her.

    I am less dream to your pure M/F stories (more f/f& adult f/m) but regardless from my personal interests your story telling is excellent regardless of the mix.

    The past your stories of the ladies at the Newspaper on the Island are very well drawn. I loved the tension created by the lady being disciplined at the Newspaper office and then having to go home and face her landlady at her boarding house – well done .

    Primarily you write believable characters with excellent logical story lines that make sense. Also you description of quite sever corporal discipline are excellent and are beautifully woven into the story line .
    You are never gratuitous in wort description of spanking and the erotic components are much appreciated. With people being naked and soundly spanked it is foolish to think that there is nothing erotic going on – the voluntary surrender your write is terrific.

    So thank you and I will comment more now . I hope this crazy life and world continues to allow you to do your excellent work. Cheers

    • 4 DJ

      Hi NAO,

      thank you very much for your kind comments and thank you for making them. I am glad you liked the Sinclair Method and appreciate the complexity of the Abraham Heights soap opera.

      The newspaper ladies you refer to is of course is of course from the novella The Lanark Island Herald which is still included on this blog in parts for those who can’t afford the pennies.

      all the best DJ

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