2C 003-2skylar1dallas sinful_mainC2 menage_a_3_2012-06-142C 003-22C Stan school vintage2C b4b31f3e0e06ff2005f9a31c9d180885This morning I tried to broaden the search of spanking sites I look at to see what is going on only to find a few Tumblr’s closed and many old favourites haven’t updated for quite a while.

Tumblr doesn’t surprise me, I have had two Tumblr blogs and both were closed without warning, no reason given. The first, Crimson and Black, was very tame in content compared to the many such blogs and their sexual content which seems to miss the cull for year after year. The other was a Vintage image site, showing rarely more than a bare bottom and nothing still in copyright, in case the latter had been the issue for the previous blog. I console myself with the thought that both drew quite a lot of traffic and maybe they just got noticed.

I mention this because I notice too that some blogs have closed due fears of harassment and prosecution, sometimes by the ‘authorities’ and other times by commercial players, who understandably fear image theft.

Sadly I know of at least two ‘professional’ erotica photographers who have made false and systematic allegations against blogs and the hosting companies just take the easy road and close them without checking.

The problem with this, admittedly atypical, tactic is that if the ocean of amateur blogs is drained the few dozen decent professional sites will be easy pickings for the censors.

If you are a visitor here I do urge you to support and patronise the professional spanking sites, many of which are listed on the right.

On that note one I have always liked is Scarlet Hill, I used to buy many of their books before the Internet, but strangely their site is not well designed and looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. It has and its content is good (if you can find it) it is just an impression they give.

In better news Christmas is coming and if you are looking for that special gift and live in the UK the last London Alternative Market (LAM) is happening this Sunday together with the after market party where it really does all happen.

The round-up of images come from sites that include: AAA, Dallas, Devlin O’Neill, CutiePie, Chicago Spanking Review and Au Fil des Jours.

5 Responses to “Community”

  1. 1 Gary


    • 2 DJ

      Hi Gary,

      thank you very much for your contribution. I sympathise with your problem but for legal and other reasons this is not the place to discuss this.

      I am very sorry for censoring your perfectly informative and well-meant comments. I hope you understand.

      sincerely DJ Black

  2. Hi DJ,

    I can sympathise with your issue with Tumblr, I had one blog closed because of copyright, I posted some images from a particular publication, no names but Rome must have influenced them, it seems that they complained and despite the fact that they were reblogs mine was closed with no room for negotiation. The second they took the word of someone that I had removed an image from fetlife when they had given me the image, again no room for negotiation, but that seems to be the way of some blogs.

    Like you, I post a lot of 1920’s images, some more “naughty” than others but so far (touch wood) I remain unscathed.

    Take care


  3. 4 KF Gauss

    I’ve noticed a decline in the number and quality of blogs over the past decade or so. People all have their reasons for stopping. Either they got outed, or they had said what they wanted to say, or they just got bored of the same old same old and moved on to other things in life, or maybe they’re having kids. So many great personal story blogs have been lost to the bit-buckets of time. Thankfully, you are publishing again.

    In the current situation — or perhaps it has always been thus — human curated blogrolls outperform the search engines every time. And it seems the best curated blogroll I’ve found, especially for Tumblr content, is being maintained by Bonnie of MyBottomSmarts. There are still a lot of Tumblrs out there posting content, but much of the content on those Tumblrs is heavily cross posted and shared. But there ARE still people posting stuff, even if the quality is uneven.

  4. 5 DJ

    Thank you guys,

    yes – the blogging world is rather transient – it doesn’t help that the hosting medium is equally unstable.

    Your blog is holding up well Chris 🙂

    And KF – thank you for the kind words. I agree Bonnie does a great job and I often dip in – but not as often as I like.

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