Girls just want to have fun


soroity spanking soroity spanking soroity spanking soroity spanking

Been so busy this week that the posts, and much else is a little behind the schedule. I am often too busy at the weekends so I do often miss a post on Sunday, but missing a midweek post like Thursday is rare.

Sam sent in some real sorority pictures which I publish without comment and let you make-up your mind about them. Viz spanking, three of them are highly suggestive I think, what about you?

Another picture post tomorrow.

8 Responses to “Girls just want to have fun”

  1. Three of them were amazing and make me want to fantasise about the best of spankings. I hope I can get involved in one of those soon!

  2. 3 Vlad

    I’d say these photos have the look and feel of genuine sorority girl pictures but none of them are unequivocally spanking photos. The first photo at a party looks more like she is being shown a decorative paddle rather than being threatened with the real thing. The second photo is a skinnydipping scene and the marks on the girl’s bottom look like dirt or a bruise from a fall. The group photo looks like a mass flashing dare, and the last photo in what appears to be a dorm room could be a girl with a spanked bottom but could just as easily be a girl with a sunburn from her first day in thong bikini. Either way I like them and I look forward to Moe stories next week.

    • 4 DJ

      That is the point really – you can let you imagination go to work or not.

      However – I think the first girl has a look of embarrassment and is looking at a paddle that could at some point be used in earnest.

  3. 5 chross76

    Fourth one is a fake.


    Suspected the second one as well, but that seems to be genuine.


    • 6 DJ

      Thanks Chross 🙂

      I suppose one has nothing to do with the others and these are just random.

      frankly I suspect an innocent explanation for the bruises as well – but who knows 😉

      • That one ‘bruise’ on the second pictures appears to be a birthmark, but her rear does certainly look like it has recently been paddled. This photo looks enhanced because on the original the marks don’t seem as pronounced. It looks to be a sorority hazing ritual.

  4. 8 DJ

    It could be a bruise it could be a birthmark – it could be whatever one decides it is. Probably most such pictures have innocent origins and certainly have innocent interpretations.

    I just grouped a random selection of suggestive sorority pictures contributed by Sam for a bit of spanking theatre.

    I actually think the first picture is the most interesting as the story is in her face. But photographs do lie – perhaps she is just bored. 😉

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