Vintage realism


vintage spanking
vintage spanking

It seems to me that realism in vintage spanking erotica is rare.

But the two pictures above are to my mind so realistic that they have the look and feel of a real spanking in action.

Although this is highly unlikely, it does suggest that the photographer, if not the actors, were into their art and not merely going through the motions for a bit of commercial ‘flage.’

4 Responses to “Vintage realism”

  1. 1 markiee

    The second photo could be me over my mother-in-law’s knee when we visit her down on the farm. My mother-in-law is quite the horse woman and very dominate. Even in her 70’s she is very very strong and has no trouble keeping me at 56 bent over her knee. She strips me and has given me spankings in her house, out by the swimming hole and in the barn. In the barn she has spanked me over the back of a horse, bale of hay as well as tied over a saddle. Sometimes another horse woman (who stables her horse their) has walked in on us and witnessed my embarrassment.

  2. DJ,What a photograph the second one down is.So realistic. Where did you find this gem?

  3. 4 js666

    That second one looks like it might even be daughter spanking mother!

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