Spanking in the Roaring 1920s


My Best Girl 1927 The intriguing title was that of a sub-file on my hard drive. Most of the material contained there has been published before, although there were an awful lot of newspaper clippings about spanking that had been collected from various sources and would need typing out for publication at some point.

The 1920s does seem to be a golden era for spanking in this regard.

Among the pictures were dozens of movie stills and clips that most of us have seen before and can be found on Chross’s database if you haven’t.

But I did find the picture above from where Lucien Littlefield spanks his screen adult daughter, Carmelita Geraghty in the 1927 My Best Girl. The scene is different from the one found on Chross and may be a publicity still; Just a little movie snippet to brighten your day.

8 Responses to “Spanking in the Roaring 1920s”

  1. Love this era and I think you know why, DJ.The 1920’s are what I would call a target rich environment for spanking fiction writers. Let’s see–we have flappers, illegal booze, women’s suffrage, speakeasy’s. There are so many potential situations.

    • 2 DJ

      I haven’t written much set here – which is interesting now I think about it.

      It is certainly a time – as you say in both Europe and North America when the new modern world ideas clashed with the old. 🙂

  2. 3 Richard

    father was born in 1905 so he would have been in his prime I hate to think of all the ‘ button holes’ he may have closed all the hind ends he may have patted let’s just say he married mom after the second world war and stayed that way till he died of prostate cancer in 1978 thirty years later still miss him

  3. I am so bummed out that I had the misfortune to be born in the wrong era.
    I can only imagine my husband having to have serious talk after serious talk about my state of dress or undress (giggle). Not to mention my curious obsession with the right to vote!
    Too many good fantasies too go through.
    Rollin Hand – do you think I would have been too much to handle?


    • 5 DJ

      Maybe – but no Internet – no real women’s opportunities and many other things too hard to list on a Thursday morning. Are you sure? 😉

      • There you go ruining a perfectly good fantasy!
        You’re right, of course but it still seems fun.
        I couldn’t live without the Internet and I do have a great job so I better keep my head in this time period.
        Would love a story about the roaring 20’s or a new cowboy short.
        Please Damian. I know you are just sitting around with time on your hands. *wink, wink*
        Keri 😉

  4. 7 DJ

    How did you guess Keri :0

  1. 1

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