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There seems to be a custom in some parts of the world for spankings around weddings. I have disparate sources from Alabama, Kentucky, the Czech Republic and Westmorland (England) that have (or invented) spanking traditions. Maybe you have some stories or have seen some? The first tradition is where the bride is spanked by her […]

Been so busy this week that the posts, and much else is a little behind the schedule. I am often too busy at the weekends so I do often miss a post on Sunday, but missing a midweek post like Thursday is rare. Sam sent in some real sorority pictures which I publish without comment […]

Out and proud


Because so much good stuff comes out on a Friday, which gets overlooked, Blog of the Week is being moved to Monday. So instead, today here is a picture pulled from Tumblr. I have no idea what is going on or where the picture was taken but something tells me that these bruises were not […]

The people hustling along the bridge on their way to work could be forgiven for not even noticing. It was a rainy summer’s day and most of them had assignments to finish before the holidays. In any case, the small park that started under the bridge and ran alongside the river was often frequented by […]

Came across this publicity still for McLintock! For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, the spanking in question was instigated by Patrick Wayne with a coal shovel provided by an on looking father played by John Wayne. Most people focus on the prolonged Maureen O’Hara spanking at the climax of the film, but Stephanie Powers […]

Angela’s story continues: The next day was Saturday. As I woke, I forgot where I was. Then I became aware of the deep ache in my bottom, an ache overlaid with an all-prevailing soreness. I wasn’t in the habit if dressing on rising so I found one of David’s shirts and put it on. The […]