Weekly Round-Up


spanked spanked spanked spankedThe story schedule has got twisted out of shape this week. That is largely because two standalone stories (so far) have spiralled into mini-series of their own. Although I expect them both to be concluded in short order.

Magic is moving on apace, but there is still the concluding part of Spankmanship waiting on the runway.

On Saturday there was a sci-fi short entitled the Prize, which has been one of those, like Topsy, which has ‘growed and growed.’ Hopefully it will be completed in two parts this week, although since what was intended to be a simple scenario was captured by hidden powers who can tell. I think an alien civilisation has an agenda that had previously been unsuspected.

To update you on the ongoing spanking blog closure saga (doesn’t that headline just trip off the tongue?); blogs on Tumblr do seem to be closing for no particular reason. If you are bored today and do want to close one, just email Tumblr and say anything negative, they won’t check your claims, they will just close it. I am surprised the Christian Right haven’t latched on to this yet.

Speaking of Tumblrs, last week I added Red Bottomed Harlot to the blogroll. Her blog is largely words and not pictures and she has said some very nice (and one slightly erroneously cheeky) thing(s) about A Voice on the Corner. She particularly liked the Justice Adjustment, which has so far run to two parts and may be get concluded next week.

Also added was the Italian Spanking Art Page. Danilo has kindly allowed A Voice in The Corner to use his images as future illustrations.

In other news Cherry Red has done a round of picture favourites and Rollin has a new eBook out.

There is also a nice little short by Kia on Acknowledging Imperfection.

Last week Chross also had a clip from the cute 1950s movie, Too Young to Kiss. Although I have seen it many times before, this one had a cute aftermath scene that is so often absent and is what makes Blue Hawaii such a classic.

The pictures this week were taken from: 1001, Able, Acknowledging Imperfection and Plector.

8 Responses to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. Thanks for mentioning me, DJ. BTW second pic down is from Nu-West. It’s one of the first photo sets they ever sold.

  2. Thanks for the mention! It’s an honor. But cheeky? You must be thinking of someone else. 😉

  3. I’m intrigued by the second picture. It has a very authentic feel to it. I’d be interested to know if this is a candid shot, but I doubt it. Judging from the girls position, apparent struggle and very well reddened bottom it appears that there is real meaning to this paddling. She is sorry for something and will remember why for a couple of days. Curiously the spanker is wearing a devious smile. The girl is obviously being taught a good lesson and not meant to enjoy it, but the spanker certainly is.

  4. The first picture also has an authentic feel about it.

    • 7 DJ

      I can’t answer for the first but I agree with Rollin and think that the second is an early Nu-West

  5. 8 PDBB

    A picture spawns a thousand words
    The first picture should have a story (fictional or otherwise) attached to it. It cries out for one[pun intended or more current LOL].
    My bent tends towards the *group home/strict house mother scenario* or possibly mother/daughter conflict resolution. And let’s not leave out from the mix the ever present, “I’m too old to be treated like this” only to have it demonstrated she obviously is not!
    *How* she got where she is, is just the lead in. To what end and where it will take her is the body of the idea? Knowing she can do little to alter what is happening is the theme. rD

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