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Vintage Sunday


An entry in the Winter Spanks Cold Hands Warm Bottoms Blog Hop (2-4 January, 2014). Comment for your chance at a prize. = Princess Sofia Molotov unleashed her full shapely pout at the ever stiffer wind and the heavy snowfall that accompanied it. Winter was hard upon them and soon she would be a prisoner […]

These historical themed drawings were sent in by TipTopper.



Linda glanced around the room to take in the party. A slightly plump girl was getting a sound whipping in one corner. She had been tied to an X-frame for some time before a master had come to claim her. She was pretty enough, but the most striking thing about her, was her tattoos. Then […]



From orbit, she had assumed it was just an illusion, a trick of the light as it filtered through the atmosphere, but the sand actually was red, almost like blood. It was beautiful. The endless landscape of great hills of sand was a sea of frozen waves in every hue of red one could imagine. […]

The Abacus


At the time it had caused a small stir in the news and an even bigger one in the historical and archaeological press. The abacus had been found intact within the best-preserved Roman temple to Apollo ever discovered. Most of the attention had been given to the golden bowl found with it, but it was […]

The last post, From the Top Shelf, was about British spanking magazine’s as republished in the new blog of the same name (see link on right). Interestingly several people thought it was about Hermonie’s regular feature about paperback novels that contain spanking references. Before the magazines, for most of us there was indeed the search […]