Spanking Art in History


spanking art spanking art spanking artThese historical themed drawings were sent in by TipTopper.

7 Responses to “Spanking Art in History”

  1. There are many excellent works of spanking art. The ones depicted here that I like is #! amd #3. For I like the male spanking the female.

  2. 2 cindy2

    In many cases, I prefer spanking drawings (or other non-photographic renderings) such as the three examples depicted above over spanking pictures, although some spanking pictures can be very poignant. The reason for my preference, I believe, is that a drawing can be stylized. I wonder if others have a preference for one over the other.

    Of the three drawings above, my favorite is definitely the third, because it is the simplist, because of the expressions, because of the imprints on the bottom, and because of the flailing of the limbs. The first reminds me of Sturm und Drang and is too complicated for my tastes but perhaps others might like it for specifically that reason. The topic of the second is dear to my heart, but I would prefer the spankee to be bare.

    • 3 Brucie

      As good as a spanking drawing might be, I’ll still take a quality photo every time. Being a trained photographer myself might be part of it, but the realism of a photo can only ever be approximated in a drawing. I’d sooner have the genuine article than someone’s drawn impression of it.

  3. 4 Kia

    I also tend to prefer drawings. My tastes-in both this and other subjects- generally follow the pattern of writing over drawings, drawings over pictures, and pictures over video. I may be more the Strum und Drang type, as I certainly find the first most appealing. It   may also something to do with the obscured faces; I think I prefer the mystery (or anonymity?) and find expressions conveyed through posture very powerful.

    • 5 cindy2

      Kia, I often prefer writings over drawings as well. I think one reason–especially in terms of spankings–is because I can imagine, in my mind’s eye, what the scene looks like. I can customize the image to suit my own preferences.

  4. 6 George

    The third is fascinating!

  5. 7 DJ

    Thanks TipTopper – as you see appreciated 😉

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