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  I have been pondering how to draw some disparate and short threads together. Although not connected in any way these do have a broad western/cowboy theme a fetish/fantasy shared by many. Ingrid from South Africa had some tales about tails that I may use in future, but she asked me did I now a […]

Some years ago another blog ran a feature on a strange and rare 1941 mainstream Gene Autre western called the Singing Hill. The movie in question was a cheesy musical of no particular note but at its denouement it features a spanking scene. The unusual thing was that the heroine was not only the boss […]

It is already Thursday and I haven’t posted since Monday, you may have noticed. It is all a question of time. I hope to post The Sinclair Method later this week and then on with In the Service of the Wolf. It is all about time really and that got me thinking about time and […]

Audrey Chancellor swung the horse around and pointed it at the high ridge that now stood in front of her. The High Country was no place for anyone, never you mind a lone woman. But the law was the law. Audrey took a deep breath and blew a stray strand of red hair from under […]

Jake Harmon swung the horse around and scanned the horizon. It wasn’t a very big column of smoke but it was definitely in the vicinity of the ranch and he felt sick. There hadn’t been any Indian trouble in these parts for years and besides he hadn’t heard any shots, but all the same he […]

Sammie liked the place as soon as she saw it. It was the kind of house you saw in movies and the hometown cosy feel all along the tree-lined road had broken through her hard LA cynicism like balm for the soul. Not that she would ever admit it, perhaps not even to herself. The […]

Rodeo Spanking


Sometime ago I was told that there was a spanking tradition at rodeos that dated back at least to the 1930s. Apparently rodeo clowns would select a pretty girl from the audience and give them an impromptu public spanking. Mostly this was for fun, but depending on what part of the country (in the US) […]

Gene Autry spanking Adele Mara from the 1947 film “Twilight on the Rio Grande”.  As TipTopper, who supplied this image says, it’s unusual for a film spanking as he is using what looks like a paddle, although is in fact a machete, not a common everyday instrument for the movies. Actually Chross beat us both […]

Cowboy spanking


  There was a very nice email from Karen asking if there will be any more cowboy spankings. Well I don’t usually do requests, but I am sure that there will be a tale or two one day soon in this direction. The western theme has been explored here before, after all, meanwhile here are […]



The Denver train pulled in with a screech of iron on iron that jangled the nerves of every cowpoke in town and might have even roused one or two of the residents on Boot Hill. Then with a judder and a hiss it came to a full stop in a great cloud of steam. In […]