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Our story began here. Sylvia had discovered spanking novels and had sat devouring them one after another while ensconced in the window seat. Her chores for the day had been carried out under Mary’s tutelage, although the housekeeper seemed to have her mind elsewhere and had not picked up on any of Sylvia’s shortcomings. The […]

These were found on EP and were published as true accounts. One or two of these don’t entirely ring true though, but as usual you can decide. I know some you appreciate this sort of thing and some of the accounts that follow are better than others. Jenny wrote: Even when we were in college […]

Jasmine wondered if it was a paradox, but she had never been good at such things. What it certainly was; was inconvenient. She glowered at her own reflection in the mirror by the door. She knew that word did not even cover it, but it was as close as she was going to get to […]

Gene Autry spanking Adele Mara from the 1947 film “Twilight on the Rio Grande”.  As TipTopper, who supplied this image says, it’s unusual for a film spanking as he is using what looks like a paddle, although is in fact a machete, not a common everyday instrument for the movies. Actually Chross beat us both […]

Weekly Round-Up


I know I am late with this but I have been trogging around streets and running for trains to business meetings; and this on top of a busy weekend. Before we kick off, did you notice that Cutiepie seems to have gone? This is somewhat worrying since it is the first instance I know of […]

The history of Rachel the Wise’s in her own words. Reality, fantasy or just philosophy…? I have reached the grand old age of 38 and I now realise that I need spanking. I want spanking and it is a power for good in the universe. I don’t say I like spanking, but without it my […]

The Longing


The man in the painting had clear blue eyes set under a manly brow that gave his gaze a stern countenance. Unlike many such mid-Victorian pictures his eyes did not look at her, nor follow her around the room. Instead they were set upon something of great importance just over her shoulder and a long […]

I recently had a great letter from 74-year-old Ged who gave permission to publish this anecdote from his life as a publican. * I have just found your excellent blog A Voice in the Corner. I have a short true story from circa 1974. My then wife and I took over a Pub in a […]

Stumbled upon these on a Tumblr about all yesteryears. Not having seen two of them before I thought it was worth a post. The garden spanking picture is a colourised version of one I published some time ago.

LSF have published another story of mine. This time it is the novella first published in five parts as the Bannerman Saga and includes the stories The Life and Times of Rachel Kent, The Wise Fools and The Last Days of Eden. It is an eclectic western adventure about a spoilt girl from ‘back east’ […]