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book reveiwI received a decent email from Paul D last week who offered his own review of some of my recent publications. It is nice to be appreciated, especially when someone parts with some money.

Hot on the heels of this mail, came a very nice review of the Russell Corner over at Blossom and Thorn. Thanks to them for their kind words. You can read the review here.

Paul’s comments came in this letter:

Hallo Damian,

I have just finished a reading fest of DJ Black.

The Lanark Island Herald. ***

The Academy. *****

The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman. *****

I’m not by any means saying that ‘The Lanark Island Herald’ is badly written. In my opinion it feels somewhat truncated, two or three chapters of Mary’s experience as “part of the family”, would have rounded it off nicely.

This novella is only three stars, by your own high standards.

I loved ‘The Academy’, it appealed to my testosterone driven youth; a dystopia/utopia where woman outnumber men 4/5 to 1, wow a teenagers dream. Winking smile

It is very well crafted with a few interesting plot twists to keep me on my toes; I particularly liked the scene between Julia and her Grandpa, and the one where Candy was rejected by her not very nice boss. I also enjoyed Felix, very much.

The Life and Times of Rachel Bannerman,” a cowboy story with plenty of attitude, not to mention a full crop of bare bums very well spanked.

What’s not to love about hoity-toity Eastern girls learning the ropes via their bottoms, John Wayne certainly advocated this system. Rachel’s last thought was very telling.

Finally, the eroticism was not overt, though there was most definitely an undercurrent, in all of these, in my opinion, just as it should be.

Best regards,


Incidentally the one book not reviewed above, Lizzie Baines, is apparently outselling the others – especially in the US where the publisher tells me it is housewife’s choice.

Thanks Paul, Season and Michael for your words.

2 Responses to “Story reviews”

  1. 1 paul1510

    Sorry, Lizzie Baines totally slipped my mind, I’d read it somewhat earlier and enjoyed it, however I wasn’t in review mode at that time. 😉

  2. Thanks for the shout out, DJ. I have read your other books mentioned above and have greatly enjoyed them all.

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