caned on a bed Edwardian corner timeNot the run of the mill offerings.

2 Responses to “Vintage”

  1. Excellent vintage caning of a naughty female’s bare bottom, plus the humiliation of having to stand in the corner bare bottom style, contemplating her naughtiness.

  2. 2 T.H. Enerdly

    These photos remind me of ones that I’ve seen associated with Dr. Ernst Schertel. If these are indeed Schertel photographs, then the time frame is probably Weimar Germany. Schertel seems to be an interesting character. He was a satanist who was interested in magic and CP. He presented a copy of a book he wrote on magic to Hitler, who read and annotated the book. If you look up “ernst schertel” on Amazon, you will discover that Amazon sells a translation of this book complete with Hitler’s annotations.

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