Taken to Book in the Star Chamber


Sorry not another short, not yet, but I just got some feedback on some of my books.

Firstly, thank you so very much if you bought one of my books. I would like to say that I can make a living at this, but sadly the day job still beckons. However, every penny does help support the running costs.

I have been consistently criticised (primarily by one reader) because some of my stories are available here for free. There is a suggestion that somehow I am deceiving people. I think most people know that if they trawl through the back pages there are many shorts and series available here for free. Just as Amazon offers my stories for free with certain accounts or in their lending library. The latter availability being nothing to do with me and brings me no income. Most books on Amazon are available in this way so technically all authors are selling books that may be free.

I tend to buy my books so as to support the author, but not everyone can afford that.

The small pat peeve I have is that people (one in particular) have bought my books just to give them a negative review because they can be obtained elsewhere. I gather he has some kind of beef with my publisher. There is not a lot I can do about malicious trolls in this world.

I just thought it worth clarifying the availability of my work.

The Russell Corner
The Academy
The Exit Bureau
and increasingly some episodes of Abraham Heights…

…are not available anywhere except by purchasing either through LSF or Amazon.

There may be a few other short works (I don’t remember) most other work is available either here or at LSF.

10 Responses to “Taken to Book in the Star Chamber”

  1. 1 Natasha Knight

    You so don’t have to defend yourself. Some people will be jerks no matter what. Ignore that idiot.

    There was just a survey some similar jerk (I’m being so kind in using that word) started to bash and hurt authors. It was to personally attack them and have people ‘vote’ for them in various categories not book related at all. It bugged me at first but then my husband told me to look at all the people who are impacted by the words and are so appreciative of them. They are the ones who matter, not these jackasses. So ignore your troll. He or she doesn’t deserve a second of your time.

    We were in London by the way. Thanks for arranging such a lovely blue sky… 😉


    Natasha Knight
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    ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

    • 2 DJ

      Hi Natasha,

      yeah thanks – not my first troll but I never had one before who would buy a book to give it one star and a hostile personal attack 😦

      I said – I gather I have just been caught up in a problem between this man and the publishers.

      Thanks for the support. 😉

  2. 3 Patrick Ronald Hall

    Sorry about the trolls. Love the work though. Looking forward to the next episode of Abraham Heights. Donna is one of my favorite characters of yours.

  3. Sorry to hear about the troll! Love your work!!!

  4. 7 Steve Richardsosn

    One of the mysteries of life is why someone’s enjoyment of something which is well-worth the cost, is diminished by the knowledge that somebody else obtained it for free. One of life’s irritations is being scolded by such people because you committed the benevolent act of allowing your creative work to be enjoyed for free. CF has evaded this particular irritation by telling authors that we will not publish material which has been published elsewhere, but this is certainly not a moral stand, only a somewhat cowardly way of minimizing irritation.

    • 8 DJ

      I see your point – and I am not making creative comparisons – just publishing ones – but Sherlock Holmes was once published for free to readers of the Strand magazine, as were many many other stories, the fact that they were subsequently republished as books and sold was never an issue and nor should it have been.

      LSF itself is a free (to members and free to join) and yet they publish, like I do. to support the project, but as Natasha said, who knows what and why a troll does – it is not worth further discussion. I only wanted to point out that I have free and restricted copy, it is up to the reader which they wish to invest their time in. I am grateful that they do. 🙂

  5. 9 Mark Thomason

    The Exit Bureau was very good. I hope to see more of that one.

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