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This week Ronnie has new spanking sites to check out and Vanilla Spanking explores daddy spanking in comics and the movies of yesteryear. Speaking of movies I have also had some nice emails including one from Anthony on the 1966 movie Georgy Girl. He looked up the script and found two spanking references. Middle-aged man […]

There are three posts pending and none of them are ready. When you think about it is hard to know exactly what does make a good post. An original story, well sure, a hitherto unknown snippet of information, well also obvious, but they don’t just happen, what about a great picture? Again, you can’t just […]

Here is a blog that hasn’t been featured before. It often has an eclectic mix of little snippets and articles that is really appealing in a blog. Although often considered, the reason that it hasn’t been included is because like the name suggests, All Things Spanking, it sometimes tries to pretend that there is such […]

With half the world on holiday it has been a slow week in the blogosphere. However there were a couple of interesting items over at Paolo this week and he has also managed to update steadily. So this week’s blog is Paolo in Dublin.    

This week’s blog of the week has being going strong for six years and this week achieved the landmark of a staggering 11 million visits. Bonnie does a lot for the spanking blog community and so My Bottom Smarts just had to be the Blog of the Week.

The subject for today is incest. No not that kind. Yuk. No we are talking about blogging about blogs. At least two spanking blogs have disappeared from blogspot recently. Whether taken down by their operators or the host, is not clear. Now that sets one wondering. Why do some blogs stop? Why do some blogs […]