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This week Ronnie has new spanking sites to check out and Vanilla Spanking explores daddy spanking in comics and the movies of yesteryear.

Speaking of movies I have also had some nice emails including one from Anthony on the 1966 movie Georgy Girl. He looked up the script and found two spanking references.

Middle-aged man played by James Mason talking to father of Georgina, the 22-year-old title character.

“I wanted to catch her.”
“Georgy? She’s nipped off.”
“By the look of it. If I were you, Ted, I’d take her across my knee, pull down her knickers and give her a good tanning.”
” Oh. She’s too big for that.”
“Yes. She always was. She’s like some enormous lorry driver.”
“She ought to be made to feel what she owes me.”
(Bridegroom, played by Alan Bates, to bride, played by Charlotte Rampling, in the waiting room of the Registry Office)
“Look, if you don’t behave yourself, I’ll take your knickers down and give you such a belting you won’t sit down for a week.”


Other images are from: Devlin, Asa, Contemporary Spanking, AAA and Chicago Spanking.

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