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Previously we have discussed CP for women in the Royal Navy during and after the Second World War. Women were not fully incorporated into the Navy until the 1957 Naval Discipline Act, but until then they had been formulated under boy cadet rules and technically, and sometimes actually, subject to corporal punishment. This entailed anything […]

Army Discipline


This unusual snippet was sent in by Karl Gauss so many thanks to him. The women soldiers pictured above got in some seriously hot water after posing semi-naked and posting the pictures on the Internet. As the New York Post reported: Israeli military officials did not divulge the exact nature of the punishment they face […]

Uncovered a whole set of vintage Russian flogging pictures the other day. The thing is, they do not look particularly erotic or like they were intended to be erotic. They are mostly judicial floggings of women of one kind or another and look either documentarian or cautionary. They will probably be published on another day, […]

They had decided to settle the bet off-base and to that end Ann had come to John’s London flat in Kensington. It was a small place at the top of a Georgian terrace house in side road off Holland Street. John told her that the landlord had had the apartment sound-proofed and that they wouldn’t […]

GI Jane


There were other soldiers who lived in town. Jane could see where they lived from the yellow ribbons tied around trees and gateposts all along the bus route. Shit, that stuff was as corny as hell, she thought. “Bet your family’ll be glad to see you home ma’am.” The bus driver smiled. “Don’t ma’am me […]