Still not enough opportunity for story writing, but LSF have brought out a new publication of my stories. This one is not exactly new and includes the novel (they call it a novella) The Academy, together with two other shorter novellas in one deal. Certainly better value for money if you haven’t already purchased them, but be aware that they have all been previously available. This is the kind of thing some people have taken issue with.

On that note, thank you for all your support on the issue of previous book hassles.

Elsewhere this week more daddy issues, with Vanilla Spanking returning to the theme and also Chicago Spanking Review.

There is an interesting Rasputin themed find on Stan’s site, see above. There is also a rather nice black and white offering on Ronnie’s blog.

Other offerings are from professional content providers: Dallas, AAA, Real Spankings and one from spanking actor Devlin O’Neil.

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  1. 1 Harry Lefferts

    Snow Mercy is still looking wonderful!

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