In the Service of the Wolf (part xxxiii)



Part I here

In the morning Stacy was feeling her old self. That was confused, self-centred and ready to reshape the world according to her convenience. The clarity provided by Garrick’s spanking had lasted about as long as the soreness in her bottom. She half bent over in front of the mirror and ruefully inspected her naked bottom. It was still red and blotched here and there, but otherwise more or less white.

“The bastard hand-spanked me, so what, maybe I was a little out of line,” she said to the mirror as she hauled up her jeans, “But he is crazy if he thinks I am going to join this little circus. I am not even one of…” she made a frog faced pout and let it go with a pop. It was all crazy and she had to blow this joint and get back to New York.

This time she would duck out without Alice. The highway was maybe six miles from the Stone ranch and she figured once she was missed they would try and head her off before town.

“Not going that way suckers,” she told the mirror. She would hitch a ride and by the time anyone sussed that ruse she would be long gone.

Hastily she gathered a day sack of gear for hasty packing. She remembered to include a travel flask and some energy bars she had swiped days before from the kitchen along with the rest of her stuff and she was ready.

There was a place along the fence where she could wriggle under wire. All she had to do was toss her sack over the fence and if no one noticed she let it lie until nightfall. Then a slight woman like her could slip free. No one would check on her before morning and by then… she grinned at her reflection.


Alice tossed a coin and let it fall. It came up heads for the third time and she winced. Heads meant Adam, she sighed. Normally the fact that she had tossed again would tell her that really she wanted John. But before the three in a row for Adam it had come up four times tails and she had been no happier with choosing John.

She slapped the coin flat and made a pout. She couldn’t have either of them. They were semi-mortal monsters, wolf-men and part of a world that she wanted no part of. Even if she did, she would never be accepted. She did not belong.

Flopping onto the bed she rolled over and hugged a pillow. In her wildest fantasies she would have them both. She remembered the spanking by John while Adam watched and cheered him on. She should have been furious, she was damn it. But why did she replay the spanking over and over? In some of hr replays Adam took his turn too and made her beg. Then she had to say thank you and properly. She flushed. They had said it wasn’t a sex thing when they spanked her. She moved the pillow between her thighs and gripped. Of course not, why would she want that? She was breathing faster now and she bit her lip.

“Damn you mister and mister Stone, why couldn’t you be one man and a lawyer from…” she was panting and huskily she finished, “…anywhere.”

It’s was some time later and she lay back only half satisfied. So the Stone brother’s aren’t marriage material. So what? I am a career girl and it is not what I am looking for. So, why not have some fun with one of them at least. Sound rational thinking so far, she congratulated herself. So why chose when they are both doing the chasing? She grinned wistfully. I could set a little test… see which one bites, a contest maybe? She knew that she could not be obvious; things would not go well for anyone, least of all her tail end if things went south.

“What to do?” she purred.


Stacy stood primly at the fence and tried to look cute. Then after looking around to make sure she was unobserved she pulled her pack to her chest and like a shot on basket put the day sack over the fence. It did not go far, but far enough to be obscured by the ditch in the shadow of a nearby tree. Then inspecting the wire, she eased her toe under the fence and worked it lose. Certain that she could squeeze under, she took another look round and then ambled away. Midnight seemed a good time to go.

She thought about calling on Alice once more, but she dare not let her in on the plan, not now. Alice would tell, for her own good to be sure, least that’s the way Alice would see it. Still in the act of pondering she reached Alice’s door and shrugged. She had nothing else to do and maybe Alice knew something that would help her escape. She was about to knock when she heard a stifled moan and the creak of a bed. Stacy stifled a giggle. Either Alice wasn’t alone or she was, in any case she did not sound like she would welcome a visit just then.

“Naughty girl,” Stacy whispered and slipped away.

With hours to kill until nightfall Stacy made another slow tour of the compound, proud of herself that she was not even tempted to inspect the fence again or so much as glance at the pack out in the undergrowth.

“Just like butter wouldn’t melt,” a stern voice startled her.

She whirled around to face Garrick holding her day sack.

“This is yours I believe,” he said.

Stacy licked her lips and considered a lie. Then she saw Garrick’s warning gaze and she swallowed down the ill-advised deceit and shrugged. “Yeah, think so, I wondered where it went,” she replied casually.

“It went over the fence near a damaged part of the wire,” Garrick told her.

Stacy’s look of startled innocence was in expert and looked everywhere but the pack leader’s eyes. “Oh, I wonder how it got there,” she said unconvincingly.

“You tossed it over, you were seen,” Garrick folded his arms.

“I didn’t want it,” Stacy offered, but she looked like a kid caught at the cookie jar.

“Not until you made a break for it, anyway,” Garrick accused.

Stacy looked at her feet and made an air kiss.

“You were going to run again weren’t you?” he said. The statement phrased as a question was the biggest break he was going to cut her that day.

“Yah, something like that,” Stacy drawled and dragged one foot coyly through the dust.

“At least you admit it,” the man said and weighed her up as if seeing if she was worth it.

“Totally busted,” she said cheekily and finally met his eyes.

“And how do you think we can handle that?” Garrick asked her sharply.

Stacy made a rueful pout and then ostentatiously winced. “Let me guess,” she popped her lips, “Eh… maybe you are thinking of spanking me?” She was blushing furiously but it was less humiliating somehow to fall back on cheeky bravado.

“I don’t think a spanking quite covers it,” he told her, “So as I have another miscreant to deal with, come sundown you can meet me at the barn. I will deal with you too.”

Stacy levelled a scowl at the man, but something made her hold her tongue. She should be afraid of him, but she wasn’t, not in the way she should be. But Garrick and Augusta had been the only people in her life ever to show her any boundaries. Instead of resenting it she conceded a grudging respect; a respect that left with a strange comfortable tickle all over. Besides, if Garrick wanted to give her a spanking, there was nothing she could do about it except conceded and or make it much, much worse.

“The barn at sundown, do you hear me girl,” Garrick said sternly.

“It’s a date sir,” she said breezily and with a faux cheerful borderline insolence. Little did she know that the half sincere ‘sir’ was the only thing that saved her from an impromptu spanking.

Garrick sized her up for a moment and then shook his head and walked away.

“Shit,” Stacy sighed as soon as the man was out of ear shot.

To be continued

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  1. 1 lilorphanannie1

    You have a gift for story-telling. I enjoy your stories immensely.

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