An Unseemly Woman


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I was looking for some stories arising from Easter, a traditional spanking season, for an article. I found a whole lot of posts around various pagan festivals, many of which have some spanking (or flagellation element). In addition to Easter: Lupercalia, Beltane, Yule and mid-summer all seem to have some flagellation rites.

Since this requires rather more research, I have put on the pending list with so many other posts.

What I did find was the story of an Edwardian woman who got rather carried away with the rites of spring. According to Titbits Magazine, one 33-year-old Florence Mason was persuaded to strip down to ‘nothing more than a gauzy singlet’ by a Bohemian Isadora Duncan-type and dance.

There were several women involved in the affair at a private garden in Belgravia (a smart district of London) but sadly for her the grounds were overlooked and the police were called.

To avoid scandal, ‘and for the sake of the ladies’ children,’ the case did not get to court but the magazine’s gossip column alleged that Mrs Mason got more than she expected.

Mr Mason took his errant wife across his knee and ‘applied a good sound smacking to her naked derriere.’ How did the columnist know? Apparently Florence proudly told friends that her husband had forgiven her and that he had ‘put more than his foot down,’ indeed, ‘a good stout slipper had been applied where it would do her the most good.’ And where was that, she was asked.

“If you must know, the beast gave me a good sound spanking,’ with the admission that she had been wearing more when she had been dancing.

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