Still waiting



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  1. 1 susie james

    I know how that feels.

    • 2 DJ

      How does it feel? 😉

      • 3 susie james

        For me it is very embarrassing and very quickly makes me feel like a naughty little girl. If there is a chance that someone will see me or if someone does see me I get nervous and of course more embarrassed.

        • 4 DJ

          It is the chance that someone might see you that is very embarrassing isn’t it? How likely is that in your case?

          Years ago a girl I was at college with got sent to the corner with her sister for fighting. She didn’t admit to getting a spanking (she was drunk but became evasive when I asked) but she was given a time out at 19!

        • 5 susie james

          Yes it is the chance that someone might see me that is very embarrassing. And it is very likely that I will be seen by someone.

          While visiting my auntie one summer, even being 18, I was spanked and made to stand in a corner for the afternoon. Several of her church lady friends visited that afternoon for coffee. All the while I stood in the corner. My auntie did not hesitate to tell them of my punishment including the bare bottom hairbrush session across her lap. From that time on those ladies always treated me like a 12 year old.

        • 6 DJ

          How old were you when you stopped being spanked?

    • 7 susie james

      At 25 I’m still getting spanked.

      • 8 DJ

        Are you still spanked by your Aunt or do you have a partner now?

        • 9 susie james

          Mostly I’m spanked by my Aunt since I live with her but I also am spanked by my mother if I’m visiting home and she feels I deserve one.

        • 10 DJ

          I wonder what part of the world you live in and is this unusual. How do you feel about that and how does it work?

          Thanks for sharing.

        • 11 susie james

          I’m from a small Midwest town in the USA. Girls and young ladies getting spanked is/was usual in the town and church I grew up in. It is also accepted and approved of by the church my aunt and I attend altho I’m not sure many girls my age are still spanked.

          There is a faction of the church that believes strongly that girls and unmarried young ladies should be strictly controlled and disciplined and that unmarried young ladies should be living at home under the authority of their father or a male family member.

          Having grown up being spanked at home and at school I guess I’m sort of use to the idea of it happening altho that does not make getting spanked any easier or less embarrassing. Shortly after I came to live with my aunt and after she had spanked me several times she hurt her shoulder and was unable to spank me. With the agreement of my parents she arranged for me to start having counseling sessions with one of the pastors of her church. My father gave the pastor permission to spank me if my aunt thought I needed one or if the pastor thought I needed one. Of course I had to agree too but if I didn’t I would have had to move back home.

          I had to sign the Corporal Punishment Agreement the church uses for their school giving them the right to spank me according to school procedures if they felt my behavior warranted it. Talk about embarrassing, I had to sign the agreement in front of two school witnesses and since I was 18 they had to modify the agreement to state that even tho I was an adult I was requesting that the pastor take me under his authority and act as my father, IN LOCO PARENTIS.

          I’m petite in size altho neither my mother or aunt are so it still is possible for both of them to put me across their lap like they did when I was a little girl. I’m spanked while across their lap, bare bottom. Both use a wooden hairbrush these days. My mother gave my aunt one like she uses when I moved in with her.

        • 12 DJ

          An interesting and in the wider world unusual arrangement. How many people know about this? Are these spankings private affairs or are they ‘enhanced’ by restrictions or corner time?

          When do you think you want be handled like this. I have heard of 30-something women having spanking-related mentoring arrangements with older women (and sometimes men) can you relate to this?

        • 13 susie james

          Only a few people know about this. There are the people that witnessed my signing the Church’s Corporal Punishment Agreement, one of whom is the Pastor’s secretary, the Pastor’s wife knows about and some of the other secretaries that work in the Church office. In addition to them a few of my Aunt’s Church friends know she spanks me.

          Mostly the spankings are private in that no one else is in the room at the time I’m spanked but I’m sure others outside the room have heard them. My Aunt always gives me corner time and the Pastor sometimes does.

          It is hard to think of my Aunt’s spankings as part of a mentoring arrangement since the spankings have always been her punishing me for misbehaving and done because she is exercising her control over me. Does that make any sense?

          I have, however, felt different about the arrangement with my Pastor. Perhaps since they took place in a “counseling” setting or because he was the first non-family member male to spank me since high school.

        • 14 DJ

          Does anyone else get the same treatment?

        • 15 susie james

          I believe so but I couldn’t swear to it.

        • 16 DJ

          Where do you see this ending – will you move on to follow a career ? Will you welcome an end to spanking if you do or will you seek out another guiding hand?

      • 17 susie james

        Actually I have been thinking about what comes next. I’m thinking about asking my Pastor to continue our counseling sessions and asking him to take me under his authority. That would be a formal church agreement whereby I agree to submit completely to his control of my life as if he were my father and he agrees to treat me just like he would his daughter. That of course would mean he could punish me any time he feels I need it and any way he thinks would be helpful.

        • 18 william allman

          I received your comments
          if I were your father I put take your panties down put you across my knee and spank your bare bum until you are crying and your bum is red sore and stingy

          please write me back thanks


        • Hello Mr Allman

  2. 20 MrJ

    Effective episode, it seems.

  3. 22 Vixen Hunter

    my my……that bottom is begging for a old fanshioned belt spanking….I make my girl recieve a hand spanking when she is to get a punishment (pants to the kness panties either. pulled up un comfortably or slighty down ) and wobbles to her wall positio …with her top pushed up over her ample D breasts….then at least a hour of corner time…*but at our place this means she has to stand on the long bare living room wall an hold a quarter to said wall…hands on her head where I after first 15 minutes or so will make her hold the folded belt or dreaded lexan paddle against her long auburn hair against her head….knowing that a punishment spanking is 100 strokes….counted

    Last month her an a girl friend got drunk missed work so punished she was …..and her friend knows of our arangement she asked to watch i obliged with the condition she give me a blow job while my girl was against the wall in only tight daisy dukes……she loved ithe idea (!l) my girl was humiliated an squirmed…..(dropping the quarter is added strokes) I thought she only wanted to see her on the wall but then shly asked after said blow job an a hour an half ….if i would adminster my girls punishment while she took her place holding the quarter…….I told her after to her surprise my girl is back o the wall for 30 minutes to cry think of why her ass is welted an clam down

    she was shocked as hell and quietly bowed her head ( knowing I orgasm denial/ deprive my girl of getting my cock ) for a 24 period after any punishment said she would glady offer her ass to be pounded while my girl recovered…..

    two days later at work (we all work same place. ) she knowingly knew I had “punishment over back to normal” with gf told me how she was over the limit of mistakes errors o. her line. an due a write up….and codly asked if that meant a punishmet while she observed an blew me….and shocked me even but said she wanted to hear the lexan paddle this time
    which my girl hates Ole Belt…but told her friend how she loathes my new lexan paddle

    to be continued

  4. 23 Vixen Hunter

    my my what a beautiful damsel in a predictament…..

    I always have my girlfriend hold the paddle or belt in her hands agaist her long auborn hair…..with a punishment Ill pull her pants to her knees panties scrounged down for a little. hand warm up before sending her wobbling to the corner…usally at her place she has to stand and hold a quarter to the wall with her nose though which she said her corner time after spanking is pure hell…..punishment spankings are always a 100 counted strokes but for every quarter drop she has to pick a diffrent paddle for a additioal 50….

    • 24 william allman

      hi I spank the naughty school girls on their bare bum

  5. 25 william allman

    I spank the naughty girls bare bum

    otk with hand

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