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I have been thinking about moving this feature to Tuesday or Wednesday. That way the week can get started and I will have time to look around what else is going on. As it is a busy weekend has left me with another rushed start to the week.

This week is May Day, fertility rites and pagan flagellation is very much in vogue. It is likely that a few blogs and others will run some features on this theme.

Thank you too all those who have commented or got in touch with your encouragement and best wishes. I did get a brief spate of trolls too, but that is all under the bridge now.

Generally visitors are up to over 70 percent of the levels we had before the hiatus.

Last week I missed that Heart and Soul had a summary of new blogs.

This week other contributions come from Richard Windsor, AAA, FHS, Devlin, Contemporary Life and Chicago Spanking.

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