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Vintage Sunday


Cooling Down


When things get too hot it is time to cool down.

The Parks and Garden’s Commission are trying out new ways of punishing girls who walk on the grass this summer. Or is it just a new service: spanking in a box?

Casey sighed heavily. The heat of the day was oppressive and the relentless sun threatened to burn her a whole new set of freckles. With a toss of her shoulder-length red locks she tugged at her short shorts and sighed again. The water looked cool and inviting, even if the sign didn’t. ‘Keep out, no […]

I have never met a woman who liked corner time. I have met a few have admitted they needed it and a even more that would not. One such woman not so far from here asked me what I got (get) out of it. Thinking about it, I found myself considering the Monty Python sketch […]

St Swithun’s day if thou dost rain For forty days it will remain St Swithun’s day if thou be fair For forty days ’twill rain nae mare

Weekly Round-Up


Not much to say this week – mostly because my time is in freefall and we have visitors. Consequently I am late in reply to comments and email. Spanking for charity contacted me and asked for a plug. I have my doubts but check it out. Also someone else suggested I visit Erica Scott who […]

Vintage Sunday


The title comes from this article previously published on A Voice. Spanking and bikers seems to be an ongoing tradition as the pictures above suggest. The rather murky shot of a nude girl over the shoulder of a biker is from a real live meet where a bar owner (friend) of the biker revelling in […]

I had this nice little email from Janey. She said she had been lurking on my blog and loved the real life snippets and decided to offer up one of her own. She begins: I would like to add my two penny’s worth to the debate as to whether spankos are born or made. These […]