And God so loved spanking he formed a committee


OTK spankingShe knew that look and subconscious hands strayed to her bottom. Meanwhile he was smirking at her, actually smirking.

He was sitting on the big settee by the back door facing the balcony window and she looked nervously over to it in the hopes that the glass doors that led outside were firmly close. She remembered the balcony spanking and blushed. The neighbours still gave her a wink.

“What have I done?” she asked in an unfortunate whiney voice.

“You want a list?” he said with that infuriating off-hand manner of his.

“Alec, please,” she wailed, running her fingers through a mess of red hair. “You can’t, you just can’t.”

“It has been a while, and besides you really need it,” he said casually with a shrug as if his hands were tied.

Jenny folded her arms and became defiant.

“I won’t,” she said firmly. “I refuse. There see and that’s an end to it.”

Alec slowly shook his head, regarding her now with almost sad eyes.

“If you are going to behave like a child we will have to put it to the committee,” he said sardonically.

Her eyes widened. She hated that. She hated that he pretended he had no choice, she hated that he always made her complicit in her own downfall, but most of all she hated his bloody committee. Well if she didn’t play along… too late, he had grabbed her easily with scarcely a move from his seat and now she was tumbled and sprawling face down across his lap.

“You know the rules don’t you?” he sighed.

As he spoke his hands moved decisively under her skirt and tugged at her knickers.

“It’s a swizz,” she wailed, “And I vote no.”

“You always vote no,” he chuckled, pulling her knickers down her bare legs and off her feet. “Well at least you have a vote. I don’t worst luck, so you may get away with it yet.”

As he spoke the most vocal committee member stirred and she felt him twitch against her lower belly. Damn her, if treacherous puss didn’t answer him with a small throbbing of her own.

Alec gave puss a stroke and she purred.

“Puss seems to be keen on this spanking any rate,” Alec chuckled.

“Yes and we all know how He is going to vote,” Jenny said icily feeling him harden beneath her.

“So it is two votes to one that you get a spanking,” he sighed as if reluctant. “Unofficially I agree with the committee’s decision, but as chair I have to be impartial unless there is a tied vote.”

“Bastard,” she spat, but her skirt had been lifted and her bottom was exposed under his hand.

The spank was short and sharp and she hissed.

Puss loved it, the bitch and He positively began to dance.

“Alec, come on, it is not fair,” she whined.

“You want fair? Okay, I call for a recount,” Alec said, his laughter barely contained.

His fingers stroked puss so deeply that she was positively slick and Jenny groaned. For once the treacherous little bitch was ahead of the game for it took a moment for Him to respond.

“We still definately have two votes in favour,” he said pompously, “care to make that unanimous?”

“No,” she said sullen.

“All the same, the motion is carried,” Alec shrugged and spanked her bottom hard.

Jenny yelped and squirmed as Alec quickly added to the count and within a minute she was mewling and bucking across his lap with a very hot behind.

“Oh God Alec, Jesus, please,” she wailed as she squirmed.

Her bottom was red and singing and she didn’t have to look to see him grinning.

“Do you want another recount?” he chuckled, pausing mid-spank.

“Yes,” she managed to pant, but puss was screaming no and He was certainly rock steady in his resolve.

“How do you vote?” he asked innocently, but she felt his little silent belly laugh, it even caused his not so little friend to poke her in the tummy.

“Is it too late to put a counter proposal to the committee?” she said huskily.

“As Chair I will allow that to be considered,” he murmured gently in her ear.

5 Responses to “And God so loved spanking he formed a committee”

  1. 1 Leigh Smith

    Very cute story. The picture of her bottom, however, doesn’t look cute and if that was caused by his hand alone, OMG.

  2. Love this – I’m afraid to let husband read in case he forms a committee 🙂 But I agree with Leigh on the picture, ouch!

  3. 3 paul1510

    at least, this one is different. 😉

  4. 4 LadyIndica

    Reblogged this on Dirty Ice Cream and commented:
    Super, must reblog.

  5. 5 DJ

    I am glad you liked this one – some truth to this one from way back 😉

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