Weekly Round-Up


Tspanking spanking spanking spanking spanking chairhis is a cool trick, I am actually not here and I am away on holiday. But lo and behold here is a Weekly Round-Up, compiled a little early.

The cutting above is about an industrial spanking chair for girls. It has been doing the rounds on Tumblr over the last week and I am not sure who found it first, so here is a republish.

Abigail Armani has a list of names for a bottom; an invaluable resource for some writers no doubt.

Also Blossom and Thorn, who ran the nice Dallas picture from above, have a short round-up of their own featuring new spanking blogs.

The other pictures are from: All Things Spanking, About Spankings and Au Fils Des Jours.

There is a short story to come this week plus a couple of place holder posts. Normal service will resume next week.

One Response to “Weekly Round-Up”

  1. 1 cindy2

    In the third picture, the thermostat on the wall is not necessary to turn up the heat.

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