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  I haven’t had a lot of time this week (so what else is new?) but I did come across a little anecdote which I am sharing here because of the Guile (mowing lawn) art found on the Spanking Emporium and it is halfway to being an illustration. The anecdote was found at Quora and […]

The door was locked. She tried it again and although it gave a little it would not open wide enough to let her pass. The staircase to her right was rickety and in any case didn’t go anywhere. She was trapped. She thought about asking the moustached man in the bowler hat who chose that […]

It was hard to say where it had begun. For hours she had been hurled headlong between sleep and waking; a kind of dream state haunted by long tunnels and people in white coats leering at her through small openings in her cell door. “You are going to get such a spanking,” he said in […]

Out and proud


Because so much good stuff comes out on a Friday, which gets overlooked, Blog of the Week is being moved to Monday. So instead, today here is a picture pulled from Tumblr. I have no idea what is going on or where the picture was taken but something tells me that these bruises were not […]

To mark the last weekend of summer, here are two random pictures of two naughty girls who may well be asking for a spanking. Heaven knows what the second woman thinks she is wearing in lieu of street-wear. In any case, its their business. They are liberated young women making the most of things. Tomorrow, […]

When Charlotte had agreed to come hunting, this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. When she had found out what was really going on, she had protested angrily, she had wanted no part of their decadent games, but she had been ‘restrained.’ “You can go to the police afterwards if you want to, but […]

Angela’s story continued. I slept soundly that night. It was almost as though Nan and Alec knowing and approving of David and I lifted a burden from me somehow. I suddenly felt silly and childish when I looked back over my behaviour and attitude in recent weeks. I wondered if it was possible to grow […]