Weekly Round-Up


aaa 14 AmourAngelBB stan mirrorThe holidays beckon and I am nowhere near being ready. Usually I take a lap-top and write while I am away, but I suspect that I won’t be able to this year. So if the posts drop off somewhat you will know why. Nonetheless, there is still time and for a change it is hot, hot, hot.

Thanks again for the contributions from all those sharing real life snippets. As I have told individuals not all are printable, but keep them coming. Even those I do publish sometimes get so altered that they end up being my words than the contributors, often due to the native language of the writer or the need for obscuring certain details.

The big news this week is that Amber Pixie Wells is slowing down following vanilla commitments and the retirement of her co-spanko Lily Ann. She is “winding down the LAP Spanking site and cease filming videos very soon, but I am not retiring entirely.” Fans will no doubt feel the chill, but others have gone and returned so watch this space.

There is also a spanking survey by Joost, which are always fun, thanks for Kia for the heads-up on this on her blog Acknowledging Imperfection.

Elsewhere pictures and more pictures dominate the week.

Hermione has a picture caption, a regular feature that is usually resolved by the time this round-up is published, but not at the time of writing this.

For more pictures see Cherry Red for a gallery round-up and Crank Spanker has a cartoon strip.

Pictures above are taken from: AAA Spanking, Au Fils and Beauty and the Birch.

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  1. 1 Leigh Smith

    Have a great holiday

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